Mykelti Brown & Fiance Antonio ‘Tony’ Padron – ‘Sister Wives’
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Mykelti Brown & Fiance Antonio ‘Tony’ Padron – ‘Sister Wives’


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Could not stand that dude Tony. He was disrespectful- not to be trusted! There is something off with this guy- seems mean- demanding! Do not allow or let her marry this creep. If he really loved her- he’d wait another few months but he is refusing. Stating that Cody should take out a second mortgage on his home for them was disgusting!


I agree with you 100%!!! Tony was VERY Disrespectful and something is wrong with him. This is a bad situation all-around!!

Cindy Mock

Agree 100%. He’s disrespectful, immature. Something is off about the guy. Divorce is in Mykelti’s future.


Totally agree I felt his interview remarks were very disrespectful, makes me worry he will always talk behind the back of the family and cloud her mind as she seems a little star struck. I hope it ends well but he seems a bit rude and entitled assuming money grows on trees that isn’t his.

Jess d.

The whole second mortgage thing literally made my blood boil! But then I realized these are two very young human beings who still have a lot of growing and maturing to do. I am watching the follow-up episode now and it seems more like Mykelti is the demanding one. I am just puzzled..what was the point in her having Tony ask for her father’s blessing if they are just going to completely disregard his guidance? UGH silly kids.


I don’t know about “gaydar”, but my “dangerous, weirdo-dar” is going off.

Panda Barnum

This is crazy. Nor enough time. And he seems kind of weird. I love your family. But too soon

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