Mykelti Brown & Fiance Antonio ‘Tony’ Padron – ‘Sister Wives’

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  1. Could not stand that dude Tony. He was disrespectful- not to be trusted! There is something off with this guy- seems mean- demanding! Do not allow or let her marry this creep. If he really loved her- he’d wait another few months but he is refusing. Stating that Cody should take out a second mortgage on his home for them was disgusting!

    • Totally agree I felt his interview remarks were very disrespectful, makes me worry he will always talk behind the back of the family and cloud her mind as she seems a little star struck. I hope it ends well but he seems a bit rude and entitled assuming money grows on trees that isn’t his.

  2. Just watching “Tony” talk to her parents and his comments on camera…I found him to be very disrespectful and immature. As a parent of grown children, when he said “there are ways around that…you can take a loan out of your house!” I almost passed out! That, as well as many other things he said, shows his level of immaturity. I would be totally uncomfortable with my daughter marrying this guy…not to mention how soon it is and Tony’s unrealistic views on life and the way “adulthood” looks. Oy! His intentions are to marry her without concern for their family traditions and total disrespect for Christine, as her mother, and he is supposed to have a belief system that is based on respect and family values? Hmmm…

  3. I don’t normally leave comments about reality show folks, but I’ve been watching sister wives since season one, and I’ve never been concerned about anyone in the family, nor their extended group of friends, until Tony came along. I saw red flags with his dismissive attitude towards her parents and I’m concerned he will have the same attitude with Mykelti when they’re married and have marital disagreements. His comment about taking a loan out for their marriage was a sign of his immaturity. Why does he need to get married so soon? And why is Mykelti quiet and conservative when she’s with him? Changing her personality in front of her partner, if true, would be troubling to me if she was my child. Something doesn’t seem healthy about this relationship. The parents weren’t out of line with their concern about the ‘newness’ of the relationship and they couldn’t have expressed that concern in a more loving and respectful manner.

  4. that’s right Tony, it’s not them that would be getting married, but it is them who has spent every day for the past 19 years caring for, guiding, loving, supporting, and nurturing their beautiful daughter, and helping her grow into the young woman your trying to marry, and that deserves respect! I hope she is rushing out of love rather than lust or envy of the spotlight, because if he is Mr right, they deserve the most beautiful start together that is all their own♡ and I hope Tony sees how disrespectful he looks on TV and decides to either clean it up or step back from the camera.

    Love the show, Go Browns!