‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Season 9 Cast


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Kandi and Todd are doing what is best for their son. I am a single mother with twins with autism and I showed them how to use the restroom, so GO TUCKERS!!

Nikki Baldarotta

Please take the baby swing off the counter and place it on the floor for the little guys safety at baby grandma house. He could very easily tip out of the swing and topple onto the floor with injuries. Thank you

Felica Miller

Kandi and Kenya are haters! Why does Kandi hate Portia sooo much. Whoever sexed your ex … after you. …let it go Kandi. You’re MARRIED NOW! !! I said, “YOU’D MAR’RD N
NOWH!!! PORTIA WILLIAMS, keep doing you. I like the way you handle you, especially when they try to erk you on purpose. Kandi will read this and say, “WHAAAAT?” YOU’RE ONE OF THE :MEAN GIRLS ” NOW. YOU USE TO BE MY FAVORITE! HANDS DOWN. .. but you changed. Not for the better, but for tv!!!!
Portia just do Portia and I’d watch her any day than choose to watch #JUSTMESSY. But for real though. … Portia you a BOSS!!!

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