Dr. Simone Whitmore’s Father Missing on ‘Married to Medicine’

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Dr. Simone Whitmore is a cast member on the Bravo reality show Married to Medicine. This season she goes through a major family issue when her father goes missing. She and some of her fellow cast members venture to Nashville, Tennessee in search of her dad, which is a very emotional trip.

On April 2, 2016, 92 Q Nashville reported that Frank T. Baxter, Jr. was last seen near Herman Street in Nashville, late January to early February 2016. His age was listed at 70, weight at 180 lbs. and height at 5’10.

Unfortunately, WSMTV reported Baxter, a homeless man, found dead on April 13, 2016. His body was found in a vacant house, lying in front of the fireplace, by the house’s trustee at 2225 Herman Street in Nashville. No foul play was thought to have gone down and Baxter’s ID was found at the scene.

Baxter’s memorial service was held on May 6, 2016.

Both Married to Medicine cast members Quad and Jackie went with Simone to try to find her father and each of them had recently lost their own dads. As a group, they started to get leads when searching for Baxter. On the journey, Simone revealed that her dad had started drinking long before he had a family. He was also in jail.

While searching for her father, Simone told the cameras that not knowing what had happened to her father was unbearable. She also said that no one just drops off the face of the Earth.


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Realistically, she didn’t even have to do that, she told us on MTM how his drinking affected her, if a person don’t want help, no amount of effort will help, it’s really a very sad situation for all involved, I can totally relate to Simone as my father became an alcoholic after Vietnam War, sometimes its better that the alcoholic not be in a child’s life, that’s a burden I wouldn’t want for any child or Adult!!


It is really sad to see Simone brag about owning two homes. But, allowed her father to go homeless. Shame on you Simone!


My heart goes out to Simone, if this true about her dad being found dead has to be extra hard for her and her family. my dad had a drinking problem when my mother decided to move us 300 miles away my dad didn’t want to make that move my mother moved with out him.. he stayed in our home with no water, lights or food. It is extra hard to make a grown person do anything they don’t won’t to do but to deal with a grown man who has a drinking problem is extra hard. Shane for you to post what you post I say shame on you… YOU DON’t know the full story , you don’ t know whether she or other family members tried to give him a place to live we need to stop being so quick to judge a person I don’t know you I’ m sure you have personal issues some you tried to help and some you said the hell with it and you walked away. No matter what she is somebody no matter what . IJS.


Very well stated Anonymous; without firsthand knowledge of the facts Shane, I encourage u to reserve judgement on Dr. Simone.


some people want to be homeless because of that you can’t blame her for her fathers choices!!


I have worked with homeless alcoholics. You can give them a place to live all the tools to be and stay sober but many go back to the streets. Many chose to be there because they don’t want to be sober or have any rules most of us have when living in a home. You might want to educate yourself on this before you judge. As an adult we can’t force people to want to be sober and off the streets. And once a person goes to the streets it’s extremely hard to find them. I know the people I worked with relocated all the time.

Rahkiah Lee-Harris

My condolences to Dr.Simone Whitmore and her family. It’s so disheartening to lose a parent however to know he died destitute and alone ( through no fault of her own) has to be so hard. John Doe in the morgue for several months. I couldn’t even fathom. I hope he’s RIEP and that he’s found his peace in heaven that he didn’t on Earth. May GOD continue to bless and comfort them all in their time of bereavement.🙏🏽🙏🏽👼🏽👼🏽


So very very sad. Praying for Simone and her family. I cannot imagine having to lose anyone that way, alone and destitute. Let alone a parent. I am sure she had to everything she could to help him. I can’t imagine her not offering him help. I wish her peace.


She so wrong for letting her father die alone homeless while she has muti homes so what if he had drinking problems poor excuse for a daughter i hope her kids leave her to die alone one day

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