‘The Voice’ Results 2016: Top 8 Contestants Revealed Live – Season 11

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  1. Doing it this way not good…He has been in the bottom three for a while for a reason….Not really fair …great ones r being sent home while those others go through…Austin has been outperforming yet gets sent home ….no offense to any but just don’t like how they r chosen….

  2. That sucks. In my opinion all contestants are AWESOME except for Aaron Gibson. I think he’s still in because people feel sorry for him & I sure as he’ll didn’t vote for him at all.

  3. what to talk about fair it’s not fair that a person that had a career and left it then comes back and try return to fame he’s already a star give a chance to someone else billy gillman

  4. This episode is the death of the show for me……..pitiful beyond belief sending one the better singers home. I am done !!!!

  5. So funny..I don’t think Brendan Fletcher was good..his voice was too heavy..I believe the good one was Billy, Sundance , We and AlI. .they deserve into top 4..

  6. Billy may have been a huge success when he was young. Sometimes people lose their way & deserve a second chance. I think he deserves a second chance if he makes it or not he’s still one of my faves. I’ll vote high on 7 of them as long as Aaron is still in no way in HELL will he get any.

  7. Very xcited about 2nights elimination round to final 4. Top notch per4mances from Billy, We, Christian & Sundance. Xcellent per4mance from Josh. As 4 Ali & Brendan mediocore as usual. Aaron no hope