Adam Klein – ‘Survivor’ Season 33 Contestant

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  1. Worst survivor ever
    Pity was involved just for Adam. I am starting to believe that survivor is not a game anymore but a place where people can pore out their adversaries so they can win. Ken worked hard but lost so pathetic

  2. I was so sorry to hear about your mom, Adam. I know she is very proud of U. I was so heartbroken to hear your story. U deserved to be named “The
    Sole Survivor!” U outwit & outlast each & everyone of them. Prayers for U & your family as U move forward in the days to come. Thank U for a great game well played!

  3. Adam…. My aunt just died on December 2nd. Then my best friend’s brother died on the 7th. I’ve been to two funerals and I feel your pain. My condolences because my mother is sick and my father even after this. Stay strong!!!

  4. Adam I am so sorry for your Mom. I know the pain of cancer I had (ALL)  
    Acute Lymphoblast Leukemia when I was 2 1/2 years old. When I heard your story about your mom my eyes watered in tears, I started to remember when I had cancer and how hard it was on me and my family. Congratulations on winning Survivor big hugs ☺😂

  5. Ken should have won.i never miss the show and this is the only time they got it wrong. My heart goes out to Adam but he did nothing all season.

  6. For those saying that a ‘cancer card’ was played, I despise you! Cancer is a life threatening illness. It is not a card you play. My sister died at a young age with it and it was absolutely horrible. I can assure you, NO ONE would want this .

  7. Would Adam have won without a dying mother? That’s the question. On game play alone, I think not. The jury’s decision was clouded by all the crying. I know it sounds hearltess to say, and I feel for Adam’s pain, but this shouldn’t be how this game is decided – by a pity vote. Ken deserved to win.