Who Won ‘Survivor’ Season 33 Finale Tonight?

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Tonight was the season 33 finale of Survivor and the final three contestants left in the mix were Hannah Shapiro, Ken McNickle, and Adam Klein. Which of them won? The winner for 2016 is … Adam Klein. It was a clean sweep as Klein attained every vote from the jury. And, in honor of Klein’s mother who battled stage four lung cancer while he was filming the show, he announced that he was donating $100,000 of his winnings to research.

Prior to the final three, Jay Starrett and David Wright were voted out of the competition, which meant that they were added to the jury for the final tribal council.

At tribal council, Shapiro kicked things off by asking that the jury keep an open mind. She also said that she started the game a mess, but that she’s ready to explain her decisions. As for McNickle, he said that it’s not just about the game, but it’s about the person as well. And then there was Klein who confidently said that he played the best game.

Things got emotional for McNickle when he was confronted about voting Wright out when he had a long-standing alliance with him. McNickle cried that he had to do it for his daughter at home and the jury appeared to appreciate his honesty. When jury member Zeke spoke with the three remaining contestants, he said that he did not feel McNickle contributed to the game as a whole. He then asked Klein and Shapiro about how they each helped in the evolution of the game.

When Jay Starrett confronted Klein about their relationship on the show, Klein cried as he talked about the bond they shared and about his mother who was suffering from cancer back at home at the time. Unfortunately, an hour after Klein got home, his mother passed away. It was a dream of Klein’s as well as his mom Susie’s, to be on the show.

The many emotions of watching tonight #Survivor season finale!

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In their final statements, Shapiro said she went into the competition very scared and now is stronger and hopes to take that into her every day life. As for McNickle, he recalled when he was growing up and was very socially awkward. Being on the show has helped him in communicating with others. In addition, he said that his sole reason for being on the show is for his daughter. When Klein stated his reason for being on the show, he gushed about his journey being for his mother. He talked about her difficult battle with stage four lung cancer and how this has been his driving force.

It was then time for the jury members to each cast their vote for the winner. But, the reading of the votes does not go down until the reunion special, so the cast members had to wait until tonight for the live announcement.

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  1. Survivor is a game and not a pity place. Sorry for his loss and may her soul rest in peace however Ken played the best in the game.

    • Totally agree. Too bad Adam played the pity card to win. Ken was the strongest player left and should have won. The problem with the reality shows are the best player doesn’t always win. Not sure I want to watch Survivor next season.

      • Ken was by far the most honorable and best player. He got tough when he had to be tough to stay in the game as exemplified by the final immunity challenges. It shouldn’t have even been close!! However, these results show once again how the “wussification of America,” has taken place over the last couple of decades. Manliness is looked down upon and wusses who rely on sob stories are put on the pedestals as deserving of victory. .

        I will say this. Ken could have made a better vocal argument for his being the champion. He should have said, “Look, my entire game playing was an evolution over the way things are normally done. I did play with honor and treated people with respect the entire way through until the very last vote, and I’d like somebody to tell me, when that’s been done before on this game. The normal game playing in Survivor is not being strategically honest and loyal. Yes, that’s right and you all know it, most of the time the champions have back stabbed those they promised to stay in an alliance with.

        Plus, when the pressure was the greatest, and you had to make sure to win the challenges or go home, I did that. Playing tough under pressure, is one of the hallmark traits of what has constituted the champions as long as Survivor has been on TV. How many challenges did Adam win in this game compared to me?

  2. Survivor is a game and not a pity place. Sorry for his loss and may her soul rest in peace however Ken played the best in the game.

  3. I love survivor but can not believe that there is not more people to chose frome to be contestants than to keep bringing the same people back. It makes it feel like I am watching reruns.

  4. I am a SURVIVOR FINATIC! When it’s on – my world stops! I am so sorry to hear about Adam’s Mother and the struggle his family went through but, with that said – SURVIVOR is not about who has the saddest story! IT IS OUT WIT, OUT PLAY, OUT LAST!!! Ken played the best game this season and should have won based on his GAME – NOT based on his life story!!! I am very disappointed in the final result of the winner of Season 33. I hope I do not sit through another whole season watching the best player play the game to find in the end – someone with a sad story is the winner! If it happens again, I will not watch it anymore. The game is OUT WIT – OUT PLAY – OUT LAST!!!!

    • I agree….I however was pulling for Hannah…..was disappointed it ended with Adam announcing his Mom’ cancer and swaying the jury to vote for him because of that…might as well have asked all the players to tell there sad stories at the beginning of the season and then just vote and hand out the money then and not bother to go through ALL they do!!!

  5. The jury did well by voting for Adam. they did it out of love and compassion, that is what makes the world go around. Life is like a scripted story, and we are only acting it out. God bless America.

    • Wrong Anthony! Why did they even play the game then? Why didn’t they all just give their best sob stories of why they needed and deserved the money on the very first day, and vote for the best story? The game is called Survivor, not “Contestant most deserving of our compassion!” Ken was an intense competitor, who managed to maintain alliances with both gen X’ers and millennials throughout. He was the best and most deserving of winning the game. Sad to see that the “Wussification of America” has such an impact even on a game called Survivor!

      • dan i agree with you %100 but dont use the same “wussification” line that you did before, it wasnt clever when you first used it and its not clever now, someone having sympathy isnt being a wuss it just means exactly that they have sympathy for the person, out of place sympathy and shouldn’t have effect the vote yes, but saying they are a wuss because of it is far fetch judging that the only thing you know about there life is what was revealed during the season so really you dont know shit about there life yet you talk shit over one mistake, that im sure you have made mistakes before and judging by how you treat others who make mistakes you didnt get treated very well yourself.

  6. Adam is a Sissy, it seems to me everyone went to Adam’s pitty party very sad story, BUT, I think it’s sickening that Adam used his Mom and the story to win. Adam did not win Surviver. Ken is the winner and I’m sure there’s a lot of you out there that do agree with me. Being loyal, kind and honest does not pay, come up with a story even if it makes you look like a fool, weiner, cut throats, Lier, cheat, and being a turd.

  7. Ken didn’t play the best game. He didn’t even really play the game at all. He was on a camping trip while everyone else scrambled and strategized. Since David couldn’t win, next best was indeed Adam. And the “pity card” as it’s been called is a legitimate strategy to win votes. He’d have been stupid not to use it.

    • Crystal. To sit through a whole season and have it come down to a pity vote, it’s just a shame. Like someone else said, they could have given him the money one the first day then. Why make us ‘ true’ fans sit thru a whole season for such a let down. This is SURVIVOR. NOT A PLATFORM!!! Raise awareness some other time. This is our reality tv time. Shame on the producers and shame on the players!!

      • Agreed – play the game. And Ken did play the game, he won numerous challenges and chose his alliance and stuck by it. Adam was using the pity card to win – not fair!

  8. I’m very disappointed with Survivor! I have watched it for the very onset of the show. Don’t know if I’ll watch it anymore. I loved the concept of best player wins. Last nights show turned into who had the sickest relative wins. Not COOL at all.

  9. I feel for Adam but if they had not mention before finally I think it would have been a different situation. Ken has played a better game

  10. The season was a good one with all the blindsides. Then ruined it was ruined by the jury. Ken should have won. For some reason, the jury didn’t like him. Maybe because he was HOT, smart, honest, hardworking and humble. Jay had it right earlier when he called Adam a weasel. To win because of a sick relative is not what Survivor is all about.

  11. adam was a crybaby. we get it. sad. it was toooooo much. suppose they all have a sad cause and whined the whole time. I thought the name should have been ‘cry, cry and cry again’ after a Seinfeld episode or ‘trail of tears’ after the indian relocation program. and it crying is the evolution for the show …. well, buy some stock in tissue. it’s tired but decent entertainment. and ken was by far the most worthy. I’m pretty sure evolution hasn’t wiped out honorable and decent behavior yet.

  12. Ken lost legitimately because he didn’t honour his promise to David and he lost his much advertised loyalty and honour credibility when it mattered the most. And bringing his daughter in at the end as the main factor didn’t wash either. She was always a factor, as I’m sure other players’ family members are. When he promised to take David to the end it wasn’t “I promise to take you to the end, but only if you turn out to be a weak player.” In many ways this was the worst betrayal. To stick together (and don’t forget, Ken was helped out several times by other players, including David) and then to flip at the very end, shows he was ethically weak (in this instance anyways) and strategically foolish and it came back to bite him big time.

    Even though the show’s editing portrayed Ken as a pretty good guy overall, there were cracks in the armor when he did such inexcusable things as calling Figgy, a grown woman, a “little girl”, as well as other arrogant paternalistic behaviours. So no, he wasn’t “perfect, despite his perfect looks/physique. Good looks and credibility/honour are not always mutually inclusive and deserving of the win. Because he was a strong player, I still think he would have had a pretty good chance if he had taken David, but he was out played by Adam who might have helped convince him at the very end to drop David for the good of Ken’s own family (daughter).

    I think it was the well liked, good looking martial arts Asian American fitness guy (can’t remember his name or what season it was) who followed his honor code and brought his promised ally with him to the end by reasoning that everybody knew about his honor philosophy and how bad he would feel and how lame he would look to the jury if he suddenly left his ally at the curb. In the end he did lose to his ally but he also got some votes and he said he still felt good overall because he didn’t go back on his main promise to himself: his honour. OTOH, other players in other seasons have brought their strong player allies to the end and won in spite of it all. I think Ken could have been one of those, but it would have been close. And if Adam had been in the mix with Ken and David, he would never have won.

    The moral of the story: NEVER lock yourself in or advertise playing the honour card if you’re NOT going to follow through to the VERY end with a player who you genuinely like and seem to get along with and who makes you look good and does favours for you, and vice versa, ie, Ken and David. People on the jury will remember and WILL silently call you out on it by not voting for you and you can lose big time by a landslide. I still contend that it was Ken who lost the game more than Adam won it. Adam played well, but it wasn’t sympathy for Adam that did Ken in. Ken did that himself by jumping the gun and dropping his code of conduct in the last inning. Other players in other seasons have brought up family illnesses or teary eyed personal issues to the tribes and it never seemed to result in many or any sympathy votes in the end- sometimes the reverse in those more jaded. And don’t forget that Adam never discussed his mother’s situation in detail with anyone else throughout the game until near the very end, and that was only in private with Jay, a MAJOR rival.

    As for Adam’s credibility regarding his tears and also how much of his hard earned prize money should go to cancer fighting charities, all I can say is: people who bring this up or who are uncomfortable seeing a man weep with deep and obvious sorrow over the painful loss of a much loved parent that just happened to occur during and at the end of a reality show or anywhere else in public are missing a huge chunk of their soul if they can’t or won’t empathize.

    If you’ve never had to watch a parent or parents die, no matter what age, and Adam’s mother was relatively middle-aged, not yet a senior, then you have remained relatively unscathed so far. And if you care deeply for them (and not always a given between relatives) as Adam did, it’s that much more brutal and painful and exhausting and every person has their breaking point, even if it occurs in public. I’ve been through something similar to Adam’s experience twice in the past 3 years and it crushes you, and it compresses your will to survive. The fact that Adam was able to play this physically gruelling game while containing ALL this emotional anxiety over his dying mother on his back speaks to someone quite extraordinary, game aside. Personally, I’d rather be in a society where men and women (straight, gay, or trans) who are struggling in life are able to weep over deep personal losses, that they not repress something that if left unaddressed could come out in ugly, violent and destructive ways. Our society is riddled with people like that and we all pay the price one way or another while trying to mop up the growing mess.

    • I understand where you are coming from but really? You honestly think national television is the place to cry repeatedly about your mom? Maybe he should have stayed home and spent her last few months with her instead of crying about here while he’s on “holidays”.

      • Yes, I think it was appropriate because it was organic and genuine. And further to his credibility, he cried after he won, not as a means to it. Life (and Survivor’s roll out time) and death don’t always conveniently schedule their consequences to arrive in a quiet room for you to deal with them there, espc. when you’re part of a TV show. As for national television? Have you never seen anyone crying over a dying person on Oprah other similar shows? I think what it really shows is that the man understandably was and still is carrying a huge burden of grief that even the winning of Survivor is not enough to ease, even if it brought tangible joy to his parent in her terminal illness.

        • As far as someone crying on Oprah, they weren’t doing it in an effort to win a million dollars. And pardon me, but he cried MULTIPLE times throughout the show, not just after he won. You’re right, life and death don’t schedule events around television. However, Adam knew what state his mother was in when he left to join Survivior. So you see, he CHOSE to leave her, it wasn’t something that came up while he was gone. In my humble opinion, he clearly made the decision to leave her while she was dying. Then he chose to cry and cry and cry about it when he was gone.

          • This is where we disagree. I’m not so jaded that I don’t believe for one moment that he cried in order to obtain the million dollars. Did he want comfort and sympathy, of course. Who wouldn’t in this situation. I really think that the prize money was incidental to his playing the game. I think it was some form of personal therapy or quest and for sure he wanted to win to validate this. Actually, I’ve heard this form of motivation brought up before on various seasons by other contestants. (And for the record, I was really hoping David would win,
            even in the rare event that Hannah would go and leave the contest between Ken, David and Adam.)

            Given what I viewed of Adam during the whole season (among other things, holding back and not broadcasting his mother’s situation) I believe he was emotionally ragged for a long time, and perhaps it wasn’t the best thing for his own health to enter this game with such a burden on his back and this is why he continues to be on the verge of tears. That and the shock of the fact that his mother died only a few months ago after a sudden and brutal descent from a previously healthily lived life in middle age. Maybe he’s just an emotional guy as well.

            Regarding his decision to play while his mother was sick, we don’t know the dynamics of his family, but they are all portrayed as being close and this is a guy that works at a homeless shelter, so he’s got some real world experience with sorrow and responsibilities, so when his mother (who applied to get on the show herself) told him it would bring her joy to see him go do the show, I think it’s reasonable to accept that this was done out of love for her and very disrespectful to imply otherwise. He also could’ve left at any time if warranted.

            As for people crying on Oprah or other reality TV shows, they’re usually there for validation and publicity, and though I’m sure they get paid something for the appearance, their reasons for appearing could be either self serving or genuine. Adam’s case seems as genuine as it gets and he kills three birds with one stone when it’s all done. He gets some therapeutic personal self-testing/validation, heightened cause awareness, and money, which given his lifestyle and background will probably be put to good use in the long run and not spent on a McMansion and Lamborghini- if any of that helps ease the sting for some bitterly disappointed viewers of this skinny aid worker who due to circumstances beyond his control lost his mother and best friend at such a young age during the show.

            • We shall agree to disagree. If “the prize money was incidental to his playing the game” then he should have donated it ALL to research. Then it would make sense. I agree that his mother told him to go play the game while she died. Therefore, he shouldn’t have been such a cry baby about it. He did NOT play the best game. He CRIED the best game. Yes, people on Oprah often got paid. But it wasn’t a contest for being the best crier. So as you said, “He gets some therapeutic personal self-testing/validation, etc.” by being on the show. Since when is Survivor a place to go for therapy??? I realize we all have different opinions but I really think yours is a little whacked. Survivor is meant for entertainment. I was not entertained watching him cry. I was not entertained by listening to endless speeches on the finale about his mother when Jeff didn’t even have a chance to speak with all the players. It was if Ken and Hannah were nothing, and there were many that didn’t even get mentioned. Both Ken and Hannah got about 30 seconds to talk. I would have much rather listened to them than listen to Adam cry. Call me hard hearted but I do not tune into an entertainment show to listen to boo hoo, cry, and poor me.

              • Well, if by whacked you mean skewed, or “lighten up”, then everyone’s opinion on every topic is whacked, since they bring their own life experience to whatever they view or consume. You can’t tell someone who’s just spent the past year looking after a seriously ill relative to watch Survivor for the games only or to not be deeply moved by a contestant struggling with something similar to the pain they are still feeling. The same way I wouldn’t expect a 10 year old viewer to appreciate seeing a 25 year old man on tv sobbing over the sad fact of life that he will be losing his mother. Sometimes watching Survivor is not about popcorn. I wasn’t expecting anything too heavy when I started watching this season, but there it was. I just find it depressing that when a viewpoint based on a different experience is raised it is seen as wrong headed or weird.

                I don’t think it’s weird or whacked that you didn’t get your entertainment value of of the show this season because of Adam’s issues or his win, just that you find a different reaction to this as somehow not legitimate or left field because it was based on individual empathy.

          • I do agree with you on the facts, that he was emotional and crying at various points all during the season, due to not being in physical proximity to his mom, but that’s just what WE saw. Probably most of that was not seen by the other contestants until the end. What we see is highly edited and skewed. There’s likely alot going in the background.

            And you’re probably right that alot of his tears, espc. the volume at the end had some guilt attached to them. But he probably would have been sobbing if he was constantly at her bedside as well, waiting grimly for her to die, whenever that might be. And anyone who has been with terminal patients can also tell you that they can rally and have some quality of life if they feel joy, and Adam seems to have done that briefly for his mom.

            I think it’s reasonable to have someone multitask by being on Survivor with a sick loved one cared for by other family members back home and still feel conflicted enough to be on edge and second guessing whether they made the right decision and be constantly on the verge of tears. Whether you agree with his decisions or not, I don’t see how hiding your sadness and emotions from the viewing public is some form of just punishment for a conflicted mind. OTOH, if you think his decision to play was a bad one, then I would think some people would enjoy seeing someone in tears, and see that as a form of penance. Either way, it’s sad and uncomfortable, and I’m guessing we just might see more of this on Survivor as they try to ramp up the “reality” part.

            • God, I hope not. I don’t believe people want to sit down on their couch with a soft drink and a bag of chips just to watch someone ball uncontrollably. Personally, if you are in such a horrible place as having your mother on her deathbed, then you should stay home. Just my opinion. And yes, we saw him cry OVER and OVER and OVER so please don’t say he only cried after he won. I am surprised to hear you say you feel there are “some people would enjoy seeing someone in tears”. That, to me, is really sick. Again, to me that is NOT entertainment. I, for one, do not believe that is what people are looking for and hoping to watch. I like to escape reality, not be bombarded with crying and unhappiness and sadness.

              • So sad, emotionally grieving people must not be allowed to live in the outside world and still care for sick people? How would a nurse or doctor function with that mindset? Or hundreds of baby-boomers caring for aging parents. Should they all go down the tubes too? I don’t begrudge Adam his adventure. I also don’t mind the mix of “reality” and gaming on Survivor, that’s why it’s a long running pop culture phenomenon. If I just want games on TV there’s lots of fun physical shows like Gladiator and Wipeout.

                • Really? How did this turn into comparing Adam purposely leaving his mom while she was dying of stage four cancer to play a game and breaking down repeatedly to that of a doctor or nurse performing their jobs? I don’t begrudge Adam his adventure either. I’m just not happy that he won because of his problems at home. As far as your comment of why Survivor is a long running pop culture phenomenon, I do not agree. I nor anyone I know watches this program hoping to watch grief and sadness in order to make it more “real”. If it happens, well, so be it. But to have those actions rewarded over players that don’t rely on pity votes is just crappy. Everyone has a sad story to tell. Very few use it as a crutch to win a game. By the way, to even include Gladiator and Wipeout in this conversation is a major insult to Survivor.

                  • That’s absurd that you’d consider the intense physical challenges on American Gladiator or Wipeout unworthy of Survivor. What, are they training Navy Seals now on Survivor? And btw, what if you found out from several jury members that they voted for Adam not out of pity but because they just didn’t want Ken? Would you believe them? Would it make any difference? Do you REALLY think ALL of those hardass men who never liked Adam just melted into a giant pool of sympathy when Adam broke down at the end? I still think it was mostly the perceived lack of honor Ken displayed by not bringing David along that would be something they could find objectionable and relate to much more than just voting for someone whose parent was sick. Don’t you think that at least some of them would have shared the popular opinion HERE and said I’m not voting for some skinny crybaby after everything I’ve been through, and then sent some votes Ken’s way? They didn’t.

                    • Wow, you make things up. I NEVER said Survivor is training Navy Seals. And yes, I completely believe those people fell for the cry baby. It was over the top emotional. Interestingly enough, the following day he was being interviewed on Entertainment Tonight and he couldn’t stop smiling ear to ear. The night before he was a puddle. The show was still on. Huh. But you go ahead and believe what you want. Your comments regarding Ken’s lack of honor is laughable. Name me one single player in the game of Survivor that has been 100% honorable. Wouldn’t be much of a game with no lies, no deceit, no blindsides. What show have you been watching.

                      Thank you, Joe Bush. Another voice of reason.

                  • Responding to your comment regarding Ken’s honour, I don’t know what show you were watching either. Of course no one player or person in general is pure, but when you’re in the bubble of this game and repeatedly build your bond with one player and harp on your integrity in general, then that is one key component of your game that CAN’T be ignored at the end. Some seasons some players have stuck with their ally and others not, and they were all judged accordingly because this game has a large social component. I understand that Ken was your guy. I didn’t dislike him, and against some other group other than the one he ended up with, I might have rooted for him too. But to deny his tactical mistake at the end and then blame the guy who benefited from it is to not understand the complexities of this game.

                    • So now you are resorting to insults. So be it. Ken was not my guy. Never stated he was.I am so very disappointed Adam stooped so low to win. That has been my whole point. Go insult someone else. And go watch your Gladiator.

                  • No one insulted you. You asked me what show I was watching and I simply asked you the same thing. So if you say it to me, it’s not an insult, but if I repeat it back to you, and explain my reasoning, it is? All of my commentary was directed at Ken’s play and the errors I felt he made at the end. Sorry for misinterpreting your dislike of Adam as some golden approval of Ken by default, but bottom line, Adam DID win afterall because Ken kept him instead of David. However, I do appreciate how you ended your commentary by telling me what to do and what programs to watch. That’s not aggressive or insulting at all.

      • Why don’t you try reading one, or better still, avoid this one and go to twitter instead if you prefer the short form? And what’s so offensive about in-depth discussion about life and death on a media website that alot of people like to frequent? Yours is the clichéd online potshot when you disagree but don’t actually want to make the effort to add something to the discussion or argue your point.

  13. Adam actually played the best game of the final 3 and deserved the win and would have won without the sadness but now unfortunetly his win is definitely tainted.

  14. anyone else not like the live aspect of reading the votes? I feel like since so much time as passed, everyone in the final 3 figures out who won simply by speaking to the other contestants in the time the leave the island until the live finale. There is no suspense or surprise. I think they should go back to reading the votes on the island when everyone is burned out and emotionally spent.

    • Shane – in the first season of Survivor they did read the votes immediately and the winner (Richard Hatch) and all the other players had to keep quiet. I think the producers decided it was better security to read the votes at the reunion show months later. I also seem to remember that the contestants are not allowed to speak to each other between the end of filming and the reunion show, although there have been obvious breaches of this. (Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich come immediately to mind)

  15. Adam is a fraud. Just like Johnny Fairplay. Survivor has become pretty much a waste of time top watch. All kinds of bleeding heart crap on every episode.

  16. While I agree with many others that Adam got sympathy votes, I’m surprised Ken got none at all. I thought he had it nailed.

  17. To me it was the worst season ever of Survivor. To much backstabbing and too many young people. Sorry for Adam, but he used his mother being sick in order to win.

  18. Jeff said the biggest twist in this game is that the jury decides who wins. I would say the jury is now the biggest problem with the game. Season after season I have seen deserving players get beat out by pity parties and jolted juries. Ken played a unique game and was beat out by a jury that couldn’t hold a candle to his accomplishments in the game. That idiot lawyer who got up and stepped all over Ken is exactly what I am talking about. That idiot was beat out by Ken and Ken’s alliance and couldn’t let go of that grudge. It’s time to split the votes between the useless jury and the people who have vested time in watching this game. I feel I should have a vote to counter that idiot lawyer and his friends!

  19. I agree, Survivor is a game of skill, outlast, outplay etc. for Adam to be declared the winner just made it into a total gag – I was so sick of his crying – not that I don’t have a heart – but really dude, you cried more than a girl – pity votes that’s all they were.

  20. Okay, hind sight is 20-20, but Ken should have remained honorable to David to the bitter end. Keeping his honor in tact might have just given him the win. After all how much of that do we see in this (game)? Also win or lose that would have been a good learning example for his daughter. I might add that playing the (I have a child to take care of card) does not put him in the minority. Most people come into this with their families welfare in mind.

    As for Adam I am tired of players turning the water works on to help seal the deal. I am not trying to be cold hearted, but as a friend pointed out to me, if his mother is in stage 4 of her illness should he really have played the game at all? She could have passed while he was away and he would have never seen her again. That would be a good thing for the mother he cried buckets of tears for? What would he have done then? Given all the money to cancer research? Is he planning to do that even now?

    Survivor is one of my go to shows. I am now going to rethink that.

  21. After seeing the list of repeat players they are bringing back for next season i am ready to start crying right now. I never like the repeat player theme. The show is much more interesting with fresh new players.

  22. I was anticipating the final of survivor and I was so disappointed at the ending. For Ken not even to get 1 vote is unreal.. He played the best game. Survivor is really trending downwards and I think the end is in sight for this show that I have lost respect for.