‘The Voice’ Contestant Billy Gilman & His Love Life

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  1. You go Billy. Takes a lot of courage to come out, let alone when you are in the public eye. I’m voting for you tonight because you are the most talented, hope you win. Above all be happy

  2. I admire you immensely, Billy Gilman. You are not only a great vocalist but one of the most honest, genuine human beings there is. I hope and pray that you continue to listen to your heart and above all, be happy.


  4. I think you’re awesome, Billy; not just as a singer but as a human being. You go, Billy. I hope and pray you win tonight. You deserve it.

  5. Good for you – straight gay who cares you have an amazing voice! God bless and good luck to you winner or not you will do great things.

  6. You a winner in both areas of your life so what about your personal life just believe look at Ellen you can to I believe your a 10 in my book if there is a book but you have to believe take care. Positive

  7. Billy you are such a talented singer. I have voted for you every time. I hope that yu win the voice. you are the best. Be happy always…

  8. Oh great, another phag_got in Hollywood (roll eyes here). Just what we all needed. The only good Phag_got is a dead one.

  9. Oh great, another phag_got in Hollywood (roll eyes here). Just what we all needed. The only good Phag_got is a dead one. Wonderful!

    Frow-stee Frosted You Ya Stupid Bitch

      • So? Maybe I am. What’s it to you?? Oh I get it, you must be one of dem QaWEERS too. Are you writing a book or something? I’d tell you to “Kiss my a_ss and make it a love story” but you probably would. Listen buddy, the Bible says “Adam and Eve” not “Adam and Steve”. Read the Bible. You’re one to talk. At least my mouth and as_s aren’t for another guys thang. Can’t say the same fer you fha_gggggggggggggggggg_otssssssssssss. LOL. ..

  10. You got my vote. You will be the winner of The Voice. Don’t change a thing. You are who you are and I admire you for that!❤️

  11. Billy, you are an awesome performer. Love your singing when you were young and same now. You performed like you already had your show. You should win.

  12. You Rock Billy, I like you for you, your voice your talent, your the best I think in years that I have watched the Voice hope you win it all and if not you won in your heart and other’s 👍🏻💕

  13. I was glued to the TV last night and I was soooooooo sure that you would be the winner of the VOICE. I was crushed, at first, when the announcement came..but…I realize now that you ARE the winner because you reacted with such generosity and grace. You are an amazing entertainer and I can’t wait to support you in any way. You spread love and inclucivity. Rock on!!!!

  14. Billy is my favorite child singer and one of my favorite over all singer I think Sundance shouldn’t won I think some people didn’t vote cause he is gay but that shouldn’t matter I even thought josh was better then Sundance that my opinion

  15. Billy the music u made at a child touch me but I still haven’t found my son since he was kidnapped at 5 months old I’m pray everyday for a miracle I just not financial stable or have family support to help since I was a foster child myself but I won’t stop looking Thx

  16. Sorry Billy I prayed real hard for you to win. What were voters thinking? For myself I’m extremely proud of you. For the love of God don’t ever give up. My prayers will continue to follow you throughout your carer. Your new friend, Bishop Martin dePorres. And Billy remember you are as God made you.

  17. Hi Billy I remember watching you as a youngster singing your songs and loving them you had a very powerful voice as a young child and even more powerful now as an adult I wish you the very best in all that you do always remember to fight for what you believe in I wish you and your significant other a happy life also good luck Billy

  18. Billy I prayed you would win The Voice. I was so saddened when you got second, but you go! You sing magnificently and if you need a new life partner my grandson is gay and would love to meet you!

  19. Love how you are so upfront with what you believe. You are so strong and anyone who doesn’t listen to you because of thatis just wrong. You should have won, I voted for you. Just do what you think is right not what others want you to do.

  20. Love you when you were singing Ben on Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary love you doing what a wonderful world with Abby on Jerry Lewis telethon and now on the voice I listen to bye bye love at least 10 times a day along with My Way and Crying be happy I’m glad you came out I never saw you so happy singing with Adam your my idol Chris is a lucky man vica verca being so happy also your first song The Voice