‘Project Runway’ Season 15 Contestants: Meet the 4 Remaining Designers

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  1. I was very disappointed with this season there are only 3 people that should be there. I love laurence. And Rik. But would love love love to see Laurance win.

  2. I just watched Erin win in the season finale. I simply cannot understand the facination with her. Shouldn’t the winner know how to sew? It’s the same dress over and over again. Roberi should have won, hands down.

  3. I am absolutely amazed these judges chose Erin, she deserved nothing, her looks were nothing anyone would wear what’s up with that really! Pretty sure I am done with this show! Unbelievable!!!!

  4. i can not understand why you picked Erin the glue gun queen so much more talent with the others so very disappointed in this year choice i just don’t understand you people

  5. Really??? The blonde banana???? She was the one I wanted to see leave but the idiot judges kept sending home people with much more talent than her. You guys obviously like yellow because that’s the only color she used. New designer???? No way!!!!

  6. so disappointed that a bully like Erin would win. I knew girls just like her growing up and it’s a shame she doesn’t even know how she treats others, like they are beneath her. I truly believe Erin doesn’t think she is a bully, she just thinks she is always right. I have watched PR for years and will agree with most of their decision, but Erin’s collection did not wow me nor can I see it being sold anywhere. She is a one trick pony and the judges just loved her for some reason we could not see.

  7. Hated all of Erins looks. Very bad decision by the judges. Roberi should have won. Not sure I’ll watch any more. Erin isn’t a true designer for every person. Sad.

  8. I loved Erin as a gutsy designer but her stuff is so craft school junior. Nothing wrong with that but she, because she is so young, doesn’t have the design maturity that I think would have attracted me to her collection. Fun as heck but junior.

    I’m super disappointed that Laurence or Roberi didn’t win. Laurence is so refined and smooth but little color. Roberi gave a little more color and fun but wow…that cloud jacket is ah-maz-ing. Rik’s collection was also awesome but wasn’t my favorite.

    They all did a really fantastic job but I was just disappointed that millennial/junior style won. Maybe it was a tie-in to this season’s PR Junior?