‘The Voice’ 2017 Judges & Season 12 Premiere Date

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  1. Probably won’t watch the show as long as she is on it. She just wants to keep an eye on Blake. She is down right sickening. Blake went from steak to hamburger with her.

  2. How can we believe the voting system when the final contestants ends with one each of the judges……..coincidental? The “Strummer” didn’t deserve to win today in my opinion, many other better voices have been on the program. I notice that the black contestants even if a better voice have not won the competition. Never watch it again ….its a fix.

  3. I think Gwen sucks as a coach I really thought this year was one of the best with the choice of coachs. Blake and Adam make the show

  4. She is sicking lick a fly all over! She needs to stay home and take care of her kids before blake sleeps with the nanny! Ha Ha! The ratings will go down ! She needs to get a life and stop being up Blakjes ass! I hope they are not sitting next to each other get a room! This thing with them is stupid! She looks like his mother as old as she is! Blake won’t buy the cow cause its free she a stupid woman who needs to stop taking other peoples men before she gets hurt ! People are crazy out there! Just need to give it a rest!

  5. I will not longer be watching due to the fact that some of your judges, most, show their political views and attend ridiculous functions that attempt to downgrade and disrespect our honorable President Donald J Trump.

  6. Miley Cyrus was great! Actually all the judges, past and present have been exceptional. I love that they are so enthusiastic and nurturing. I wait impatiently for the next series whenever the last ends. Get a grip griper’s this is entertainment and the judges are there to help with that element of as well. I think they do a wonderful job of both.

    • Honestly, it kinda AMazing the show has done so well.considering all the crappy comments and bogus gossip …it was WELL put together.and whoever the judges and contestants.usually great chemistry…u cant fake enthusiasm that long.they could be doing many other things besides hard long hours.they dont NEED the money

  7. Gwen can’t put two words together in making comments! And all she wants to do is keep an eye on Blake (poor guy). Don’t know what he sees in her.

  8. come on people. the main reason for watching the show is to enjoy the talent of the competitors and how they improve. not liking a certain judge is no reason to boycott.

  9. come on people. one of the main reasons to watch is the competitors and how they improve in talent. not liking a certain judge is not a reason to boycott.

  10. I do hope, 4 judges i.e. Blake Adam,Gwen and miley cyrus will be the best in teh next season. Perhaps, I want chrishtina instead of miley.

  11. Cyrus added nothing to the show. I have watched since season 2. There have been other judges who I didn’t brought much to the show, but they didn’t drag the show down like Cyrus did. She was a drag on the others and pulled the down. If she is back in season 13 and either Blake or Adam leave. So will I.

    • ain’t no Blake or Adam leaving for miley’s ass, when she returns, it’s gonna be 4 Alicia keys or d no good for nothing gwen.

  12. The top five end up with music contacts and their are no losers. This I would of won if I wasn’t black; doesn’t hold water. The last two years; I have picked the winner with five weeks to go. This year I picked the final four and the winner. If you have over all talent; you will be a winner.

  13. I hope the Voice is not turning into the Gwen and Blake show I may not watch it this season as I cant stand either one of them How old are the supposed to be.

  14. I love Gwen Stefani! She is truly a remodel to all women. She also is a great coach and cares about her team. I think that their relationship is getting thrown around too much. It’s not their fault the fell for each other and the editors of the voice is using it for publicity. I love all coaches not matter what. This show is inspirational and so is each coach who has been on it. I would love to see Pharrel back on. But, Alisha brings the mellow vibe pretty well. I hate How someone has to always be negative and not see there is light in every human being but so is the age of technology.

  15. Season 2017 is back on my recording schedule since they removed the SLUT of America (Miley Cyrus). I can not see why they ever did that. Miley is a SLUT pure and simple. This is a show for G rated audiences. If you want a HOOKER and a SLUT then change it to run after 10:00 PM. Glad someone woke up and removed her for this season. Do not make that mistake again!!!!!!

  16. Thank You, for bringing Gwen back,She is excellent,pretty much the most knowable and talented as far as music is concerned.
    Please, DO NOT return Miley ,I can endure her,but my son and the rest of family,will not have her..Alicia is great also.Love Blake and Adam..!!!!

  17. Its funny how all you people, are so judgmental, talking your stuff, Thinking your better and could do a better job.. I don’t see any of you on the show judging. NO one is perfect. NOT even those judges. So stop watching the show then. You think they will take it off the air because of a few people don’t like one judge. People are do Fast to judge others. That is what is wrong with this world. Why there is so much Hate… GROW UP..