Tony Bennett’s Wife: Meet Susan Crow in Their Best Pictures Together


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Just watched Tony Bennetts
Birthday show. Everybody was great except lady GA ga.
She acted like a real slut. She acted very strange. Why??
Weird!!! Why was she bent down by Stevie Wonder at the end?? I love her singing but tonight she was really out of her mind.


Wow! I thought Gaga was fabulous and pretty sexy too. Love her voice no matter what. Tony seemed almost moved to tears. Well to each his own.

Joyce Patire

I kept askin why was she bending over and grabring her skirt. I thought maybe she was imitating someone? Very, very strange. She was fine from the waist up!

K. Crowley

Best product on the market!! Great to take if you travel a lot. They have inflatable lounge doctor that is incredible.

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