Toya and Eugene Harris Net Worth 2016: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
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Toya and Eugene Harris Net Worth 2016: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Toya Bush-Harris and her husband Eugene Harris are stars on the reality series Married to Medicine. Since the beginning of the show, other cast members have gossiped and speculated about the couple’s finances. Get the facts on their net worth below.

1. Eugene Harris’ Net Worth Is an Estimated $2 Million

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According to Celebrity Net Worth, Eugene Harris has an estimated net worth of $2 million. The couple met with Eugene was doing his residency and Toya was a pharmaceutical rep. Currently, Eugene serves as an Emergency Medicine Physician with The Schumacher Group. He is also reported to be a member of the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

2. The Couple’s Finances Have Been In the Spotlight This Season on Married to Medicine

In the past, the couple’s finances have been questioned by their fellow Married to Medicine cast members. According to All About the Tea, they were owing $176,000 to the IRS while paying $10,000 a month to rent a large home.

Unfortunately, the couple had to downsize to a smaller home and Bravo channel viewers see that happen this season on their show.

3. According to Toya, the Couple’s Accountant Was to Blame for Their Financial Woes

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In an interview with Radio TV Talk, Toya said that she and her husband were not raised with money, so they were depending on their accountant. She then revealed:

He took advantage of our ignorance. We should have been a lot more aggressive and make sure he was doing everything by the book. We should have read more. [Her husband] went to school for medicine. I went to school for administration. I never thought anyone would do that to a couple. He would send us paperwork. We did not do a lot of reading. He was filing way late and piled up late fees.

4. Toya Has Put a Fellow Married to Medicine Cast Member’s Financial Secrets On Blast

It seems that Toya is upset with fellow cast member Lisa Nicole Cloud as she has threatened to “expose” her tax secrets. The two engaged in a Twitter war and Toya fired back at Cloud, saying:

How about I focus on yours! You know I know your tax secrets boo!

Some have criticized Toya about keeping a budget, which appears to be in some of the tweets from Cloud as well.

5. Quad Webb Lunceford Said That Toya Likes a Luxurious Lifestyle

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Fellow Married to Medicine star Lunceford was asked by Radio TV Talk if Toya Bush-Harris appeared to have been humbled at all by her financial issues. Her reply was:

Toya has grown slightly. Any little bit is a lot. She loves her things. She loves expensive clothes and cars and these monstrosity of homes. We’re going to try to move the needle toward coming down to earth. But [the tax problems] didn’t humble her too much. She’s already posting big homes on her Instagram. She was probably a little embarrassed early on. I do like that she’s taken responsibility and is paying her taxes.

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