We McDonald – Alicia Keys’ Team Member on ‘The Voice’ 2016 Finale

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  1. We is such a beautiful young woman. I pray she keeps her sweetness and humility as she rises to the top of the music industry. I have no doubt that is going to happen for her, as it should! Congratulations, girl!

  2. Amazing young woman! Your voice is beyond description – truly a gift! You go girl! Live down the street from PCTI – God bless and you will do great things no matter the outcome.

  3. I want 2 cast my vote for W. McDonald
    This baby sings like she’s been on stage b4 her years. She can sing any genure of music. ELECTRIFYING

  4. Please try to use good grammar when writing Lauren! The use of “last remaining” is a tautology (you are using the same meaning twice). Either remaining or last but not both!

    • Actually it is a perfectly accepted construction — indeed, the preferred construction. Either “last remaining contestant” or “last contestant remaining.” Either work. Don’t fashion yourself a grammar whiz unless you know what you’re talking about. On a different note, Wé McDonald is FABULOUS!

      • And before you call ME out for my grammar, I suppose I should correct myself: *”perfectly acceptable construction,” and “Either works.”

  5. WE’ is the best! I vote yes for WE’! God please bless her with the victory!👆She’s number one in my book.

  6. I vote for We McDonald because she’s a powerful singer .Congratulation McDonald your gold is on your voice like said Steve Harvey jump to get it darling may God bless you and happy Holliday .