Who Is the Man in the Last Scene of ‘The Walking Dead’? [PHOTOS]

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A mysterious character appeared in The Walking Dead and fans are wondering who he (or she) was. These are the top theories about the new mystery man. This post will have some spoilers through the midseason finale, Season 7 Episode 8. 

Here’s what you need to know.

Photos from the After-Credits Scene on The Walking Dead

A figure wearing some pretty nice boots was seen a couple times during tonight’s episode, and fans aren’t sure who the character is. (We don’t know if the character is male or female, but we’ll refer to them as “he” throughout the rest of this article.) At the very end of the episode, the camera focused on him quite a bit, showing that he tracked Rick and Aaron all the way back to Alexandria and is now watching the camp. Prior to that, he was seen watching them as they took supplies from the “island.”

But who is this mystery character? Here are two photos we saw during the after-credits scene.

First, he was wearing a dark hoodie:


Mysterious character in a dark hoodie (AMC)

He also had on a nice pair of boots with an obvious emblem on the top. This might have been something decorative that came with the boots, or just some type of decorative duct tape (as one commenter on Heavy noted):


Boots the stranger was wearing. (AMC)

Theory 1: The Man Wearing Boots Is New to the Show & the Comics

Some fans are theorizing that this may be someone they know from the comics. Others think it’s a completely new character who isn’t featured in the comics at all. This theory mostly revolves around the idea that this might be the person who owned the supply house that Rick and Aaron stole from. Yes, someone at that house was dead. But that doesn’t mean the person who owned the supply house was the dead person at the door. The note said that even though they won, they still lost. Maybe that means they “lost” because they’re now being stalked by someone.

Theory 2: The Man Wearing Boots Is Dwight

Other fans are theorizing that it’s someone we already know, and we just need to pay attention to what boots the characters are wearing to figure out the person’s identity. For example, some fans have guessed that it might be Dwight, who was conspicuously absent during the midseason finale. There’s also some talk that the boots the character was wearing may be the same boots that Dwight wears. Here’s one photo of Dwight in Negan’s camp, where you can see his boots:

photo of dwights boots

Photo of Dwight’s Boots. (AMC)

The height of the boots looks like it might be correct. However, do you see a design on the top of Dwight’s shoes? (Of course, Dwight could own more than one pair.)

closeup of Dwight's shoes

Closeup of Dwight’s shoes. (AMC)

These really don’t look like they have a design on the top of them. These are likely different boots. What do you think?

Here’s another picture of Dwight’s boots. Once again, they don’t look the same:

dwight boots

Dwight’s boots (AMC)

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Additional Theories about the Mysterious Character

Other fans think it might be Carol, since she is known for being sneaky. She told Morgan that she didn’t want anyone to know that she’s living outside the Kingdom. But that doesn’t mean she’s not keeping an eye on them herself. However, this theory seems less likely to be true, since she was seen talking to Morgan outside the Kingdom. If the scenes are being shown chronologically, then she was busy while Aaron and Rick were stealing supplies.

Another theory is that the character is connected with a storyline that was “abandoned”: Heath’s disappearance. Perhaps whoever took Heath is also now stalking Rick and company.

Others theorize that it may be someone from the Oceanside community that Tara encountered, although they seemed pretty set on keeping everyone from knowing about their existence.

Still others think it could be someone from Negan’s crew, just not Dwight. Perhaps a character who seems to be loyal, but secretly isn’t.

While you’re focusing on the boots, though, remember one other clue… The character was also wearing a dark hoodie. A lot of characters, including Dwight, are often seen wearing black leather jackets. Who is wearing a hoodie? So far, we’ve seen some random guys with Negan’s group wearing hoodies every now and then, but no one of consequence. So maybe, just maybe, this new character will really be someone completely brand new.

Who do you think the mysterious character was? Let us know in your comments below. We’ll add more to this story as we get more information and clues.

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    • Yeah I thought “pretty nice boots” must’ve been a joke. I guess duck tape and speaker wire for laces could be considered nice in a post apocalyptic world.

    • I think maybe you mean Beatrice? That is who I am leaning towards. Thinking she went out to track down Tara and came across Rick and Aaron first and then followed them back to Alexandria. She will see that they are about to take down the Saviors and that Oceanside gets an opportunity to revenge their men’s deaths and rid themselves of the fear of Negan’s group.

      From one picture I saw of her boots they match lace type and shape. But hard to make out any design if at all there.

  1. It look like the boots were run over by a motorcycle. Did someone in the show (prob Daryl) ever run over somebody’s foot?

  2. When Aaron recruited Rick and company to Alexandria he told them that they exiled their formal leader with two other members. Aiden and Nicholas drove them far away with some supplies. Perhaps this is the mystery man in boots.

    • To be honest, i always wonder about her. Supposedly she died in the field of walkers at the prison but honestly i have my doubts. Why didnt they ever SHOW her death. TWD doesnt do that. With the exception of jim in season 1, they dont ever NOT SHOW someones death. Honestly, i was thinkin she would be with the Oceanside women, but i guess not. Idk if the mysterious person is Lilly, but either way, i do wonder whaere she is.

  3. Maybe they brought Beth back !!! :):):) or morales, or clementine from the game that would be awesome !!! or someone from FTWD !!!!!!!! cant wait !

  4. The story arc of “Time to kill Negan” would imply that whoever is wearing the boots must fit into that arc. It would be kind of silly to introduce the next story arc while this major story arc is just starting. I would bet on it being someone that is able to assist Rick in killing Negan. Even though Rick has resolved to fight, they are still incredibly out gunned and out manned. I say either Oceanside (join up and get revenge on Negan) or Dwight (Betray Negan) both could fit the role of either providing a tactical advantage (guns from oceanside) or a intel advantage (Dwight agreeing to spy on Negan).

  5. I think it could have been Carol that came up on Rick and Aaron on her way back to Alexandria. She has worn similar clothes
    during Season 5 and the hands looked more female than male to me.

  6. I believe it’s Beatrice because if she can convince Oceanside to team up with ricks group to take down the saviours, they would have a much better chance of winning because Oceanside has quite a bit of ammunition

  7. GPK…or dwight. Seems like both storylines would work. But the “kids” were seen filming in GA over the summer. Perhaps.

  8. I think it’s one of the whispers, Beta probably. If only because it looks like the person has huge feet, and that in turn equates to a tall huge guy.

  9. I think that its an intro to the new threat…the whisperer group maybe…or probably a return of a character from the hospital group….

  10. Must be King Ezekiel. The fancy design suits his personality. And he MAY be scouting areas for allies, such as Rick. Also, he’s been notably absent for the entire season after his appearance!

  11. Why it should not be the guy, who own the boat and this place? Really, I think you forget that ! :D However, I think it’s NEW charecter. Not Dwight (why would he track Rick with Aaron), not Carol (the same reason). It should be the Oceanside women, but I don’t really think, like they said, they don’t want any problem so they don’t travel too much (to not meet some bad guys). OK Sorry for my English. PEACE

  12. I think it must be the owner of the boat. Rick makes a comment about him having everything but ammunition. Maybe he has decided to track whoever discovers his stash to find some.

  13. I think it is Richard from the kingdom. We see him alone in a van earlier this episode and we know he want to fight the saviors. Maybe he was looking for allies.

  14. It’s connected to the houseboat, so it is not a savior, or carol. I don’t think it’s the whisperers either, as they travel among the dead with their zombie skin. It’s most likely someone totally new.

  15. There’s have to be a reason for having a design like that on your boots. Either it’s just frivoulous ( unlikely ) or more likely I think it’s connected to the Whisperers. If you were disguised in a heard it would allow other Whisperers to recognise you. I say it’s Beta.

  16. I just watched the trailer of the newest Walking Dead game and apparently Jesus is in it. You think it’s possible they pull a character from the game (or several) into the TV show perhaps?

  17. After the mid season finale on talking Dead Robert Kirkman mentioned that the boots are from the past but he only commented on the boots