‘Nashville’ TV Show 2017 Cast & Season 5 Premiere Spoilers

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  1. Love the show except the forcing the gay thing on us. Do country fans really want to be a part of that story line? I think not. Will wind costing you your fan base including myself

  2. Why the h e double hockey sticks would y’all think it is alright to kill off Rayna?? All these seasons we have wanted her to finally be happy, then it’s almost there and BAM, you kill her off! Your loyal fans were going to keep watching, you didn’t need that kind of cliffhanger type scenario to keep our interest. I for one am very upset.

  3. I was really sad when Rayna died. that was a shocker. didn’t see that one coming. I wish she hadn’t died she really was the glue that keeps that show going. Her and Decon together were the best