‘The Rap Game’ Season 3 Cast

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  1. Wish JD would have brought back The Prince of New York instead of Tally.But there are three I like already(Dee,Nova and Flau’Jae)

  2. Ekko you are a great manager let her know if she not giving her artist advice and helping out she’s not a good manager or parent is we do this all day everyday if you hear or see wrong in someone close to you you do all you can to help out…. Get it got it good

  3. My self being a woman over 50 , feel that they all are very talent But I feel Jermaine need to step in nip this mess with Nova and Deetranada , because when Nova did his video he end his video and did the same move that Nia Kay did from season 2 , I have same the move perform by almost every rapper , So Nova you don’t own your move, and deal with real reason you don’t like Deetranada but then again a boy who always have something to say negative about a girl is because he like her and he are mad that she not showing him any mind.

  4. I love tally I think it’s great she go another chance where prince of New York was horrible and went through the whole show where tally didn’t

  5. I feel like there are much better rappers out there that should have been on the show. They ALL BREATHE way to hard when they rap. Get BETTER TALENT!!! My daughters boyfriend raps better than ALL of them.

  6. Has anyone watched The Pop Game? I want to know where they find this talent. I have heard some way better singers out there. They need to work with them on their breathing skills.

  7. Deetranda gone win cause she is the best out of all and i feel like nova is plane dissapointed but i need to be on the rap game season 4