‘Dancing With the Stars’ 2017 Cast: Meet the Season 24 DWTS Contestants

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  1. Julianne have been a fan of yours till tonight. You need to close your ride mouth and let other judges finish. Totally inappropriate to voice as you did tonight while another judge is speaking.

  2. DWTS has changed so much and I miss the way it used to be. Remember when everyone stunk up the joint on week 1 and we got to watch everyone grow throughout the weeks? Yeah, I miss those days.

  3. Watched the show. Gag me with a steam shovel. First time to see the show also last time. People the judge’s need to get a life. Hardly anything on TV any more.

  4. There is too much sad emotion and tears with your choice of dance themes. We all suffer those, and watch dwts for smiles, happiness,and wishing we were you.. you will always be my favorite show,.
    Please…..more fun!
    Judy Morrow