‘Into the Badlands’, Season 2: Meet the Cast
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‘Into the Badlands’, Season 2: Meet the Cast


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Daniel Wu is the best actor in hollywood, really, hollywood is nothing but a witchcraft practicing cest pool, almost every actor is bought and paid for ,that is the main reason there is so much divorce in Hollywood, the rituals have to be constantly suffered upon or the actresses and aactors will not work, at least the ones who want over 20 million WITH the stardom, however; now the illuminati is buying the u tuber to promote homosexuality , it is disgusting and I am sick of every movie having somehing about homosexuality in it, like the gay people are trying to force feed their agenda on the straight people the bible says homosexuality is a abomination so no matter what the government says only GODS word Jesus Christ word counts, and the BIBLE DOES NOT CHANGE, the government is supposed to be separate from church and state according to the constitution supposed to be separate so why does the states and its government keep trying to interfere with the correct morals that humanity path is set on, And gay marriage its just wrong 2 people of the same sex getting married its just wrong its an abomination, And OBAMA needs to go and hide he is so embaracing to his own culture and obama has proved himself to be anti christ, Another point, yes the Priest and Bishops and pastors and the leaders have to refuse to marry gay people etc because of what the holy scripture says because the pastors; clergyman and Bishops will be held accountable to God and Jesus Chrust for such , when a preist marrys a same sex then he will not be accepted into the Kingdom of Heaven,The church can not be inclusive when it come to homosexuality being gay, because their is a right and there is a wrong, there is sin called sodomy sin in the Bible and their , The gay people have the eight to come out of their sins and out of the life style of being gay, In the Bible it says only Jesus Christcan can wipe gay sins away NOT man, yes gay people can get forgiveness for theor sins of sodomy they have to pray and ask Christ to forgive them and Believe that jesus is the son of gOD AND THE GAYS SHALL BE SAVED, However this matter is not personal it is a matter that must be addressd in love and this is not meant to offend anyone, its just the truth that many lack the strength to tell, This is not about negativity its about saving souls and getting as many people to heaven as possible, you see the enemy wants everyone to go to hell but God loves everyone and wants everyone to go to heaven, so I promote Jesus Christ the savior of the world for he is free to everyone it does not cost anything only giving up YOUR SINS FOR THE CALL OF JESUS, The Bible says for what does it gain a man to gain the whole world then in the end to loose his whole soul


Donald Trump is a better President then Obama, Hilary is the worst, she is in the illuminati and they say practices witch craft and eats humans, that is what they see, about her in Pizza gat plus she iis not honest about anything

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