Samantha Lee, Tyrese’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Samantha Lee Facebook

Samantha Lee pictured on her Facebook page.

Tyrese Gibson’s new wife is a real-life hero. Samantha Lee is a social worker who fights for children and human trafficking victims. Lee was first named in a TMZ report that came less than 24 hours after Gibson made the announcement of his nuptials on Facebook. The pair got wed in secret on Valentine’s Day, according to the actor. Lee is a native of New Jersey and the couple met through mutual friends, so says the TMZ report. She also goes by the name Samantha Schwalenberg.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. TMZ Says Lee ‘Lives Comfortably on a Hefty Salary’

TMZ reports that Lee “lives comfortably on a hefty salary.” The site adds that Lee handles “cases for the Division of Family and Children Services” in Georgia.

According to her LinkedIn page, Lee is the “night/weekend” advocate for Project Safe Inc. Her role includes, “Crisis Intervention, Hotline, Shelter Operations, Case Management, Documentation.” Lee got her Master’s in social work from the University of Georgia. She first graduated from the school with degree in psychology in 2012.

For their part, Tyrese mentioned TMZ on his Facebook page for getting the story about his wife right. Though he added, “Should I say… Thank you?”

Samantha Lee Photos: Pictures of Tyrese Gibson’s Wife

Tyrese Gibson's new bride is now trophy wife, she's an accomplished social worker who fights human trafficking.

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2. Religion Is a Huge Part of Lee’s Life

Samantha Lee Tyrese Gibson wife


On her Facebook page, Lee regularly posts long, thoughtful posts about the role of religion and God in her life. In August 2015, Lee wrote about life and death saying, “I think the Devil does a pretty good job of convincing us that there’s nothing after death…that this life, that’s it. I am writing you all to tell you that I know that it doesn’t stop there. We should not fear death, just like we should not fear birth.”

Lee is from Dayton, New Jersey, and according to her Facebook page, she now lives in Athens, Georgia. People magazine had reported that Tyrese and Lee were first seen out together at the 33rd Annual UNCF Mayors Masked Ball at Atlanta Marriott Marquis in Atlanta in December 2016.

3. In Addition to Her Legal Qualifications; Lee Is Also a Trained Bartender

Samantha Lee Facebook page


In 2014, Lee got a certification from the Professional Bartending School of Atlanta. Her certification is in mixology and bartendering.

While at the University of Georgia, Lee competed in the Miss Latin UGA pageant in 2011. When asked what item she would bring to a desert island, Lee said, “If I had a journal, it would be like my friend.” The article notes that when Lee said this, members of the audience began to shout, “Wilson!”

Samantha Lee Photos: Pictures of Tyrese Gibson’s Wife

Tyrese Gibson's new bride is now trophy wife, she's an accomplished social worker who fights human trafficking.

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4. Gibson Received Abuse From Haters for Referring to Lee as His ‘Black Queen’ in the Wedding Announcement

Tyrese Gibson Facebook

Gibson referring to Lee as his “Black Queen” led to a fierce debate on his social media channels. (Facebook)

The TMZ report mentions the “haters” who have been criticizing Tyrese for referring to Lee as his “black queen.” The gossip site adds that Lee’s ethnicity is, “Ecuadorian, Jamaican … and African-American.”

In his announcement, Gibson said:

We’re so grateful and humbled by your outpouring of love! We appreciate all of the prayers and well wishes…. Life’s a trip…. Cause sometimes when you pray you get #exactly what your heart desires…….I got #MyBlackQueen I didn’t just marry her I married my daughters new example.

ConsciousBlackFemale Tyrese


While Gibson has responded to the haters by deleting photos of his nuptials from social media. He then posted this image:

Tyrese Gibson Instagram


5. Tyrese Had Recently Made Amends With His First Wife Following Their Rough Divorce

After Tyrese made the announcement of his wedding, rumors began to spread that he had remarried his ex-wife, Norma Mitchell. The couple were married for two years, divorcing in 2009. They have a daughter together, Shayla. In 2015, Gibson accused Mitchell of leaving the country without telling him with their daughter. Facebook posts from Mitchell indicate she had gone to Israel. In an interview with Madame Noire, Mitchell said there as “physical and emotional abuse in my marriage [to Tyrese].”

Tyrese had said that the couple had got married partly for immigration reasons, Mitchell is from London, England. During the summer of 2016, Tyrese posted photos with Mitchell and said the pair had reconciled:

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  1. Listened to Tyrese’s comments on the radio. Was he counseling someone about relationships? Or was he speaking re his relationships? Our circle has PhDs, other degrees and money from very high paying jobs. None of us have ever experienced or met the woman/women he is giving his lesson.
    He is classic example of man who cannot truly love because he has never seen the depths at which a man can love a woman & vice versa. The drama to which he refers are his feelings alone. Perhaps due to his yearning for a college degree or a pedigree background he speaks that negativity into the universe. Wish you well but hope you let go of your negative opinion of women.

  2. We didn’t *need* know any of this. They got married in secret he should have kept it a secret.

    Also to my Black woman friends: this guy is an idiot. No need to see this as a loss.

    • This is so true! He’s arrogant and the only reason he married this person is for publicity, to make himself look good when all actuality he has SELF-LOVE issues.

  3. It is so absurd that tyrese, and many others are calling her black, while she does not embrace that herself.He is the one that brought attention to it because subconsciously he is realizing he is a hypocrite.After all the preaching of black love, and how much he loves chocolate skin, dated black women, but then decides secretly to marry a non black woman,and then try to pass her off black by stating that she has some black in her,which does not make her black. He claims to know what is wrong with black women and why black relationships are failing. Yet, he is confused his damn self.Tyrese is a joke! Looking at his wife’s wedding pic, if anyone were to google Kim kardashian’s photo on her wedding day,tyrese wife looks just like her. When i visited dubai ,She has that look of middle eastern woman in some photos. Tyrese should just stop advising people, like he really believes the stuff he writes.

  4. More power to you Tyres for marring a Christian woman. Continue to live out the purpose that Christ has for your life with your new wife. We are not perfect but through Christ we are being perfected for his purpose. I pray that God continue to bless your marriage.