‘Casey Anthony, An American Murder Mystery’: What Time & Channel Is It on?

Investigation Discovery’s new docuseries,  Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery, will run Sunday, April 10 through Tuesday, April 13, at 10pm ET/PT on ID.

The show reexamines the death of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony, and her mother, Casey Anthony’s, ensuing murder trial.

In the three-part miniseries, audiences will learn about the web of lies Case spun to the police after her daughter had been missing for 31 days, and will learn more about her volatile relationship with her parents.

Cindy Anthony, Caylee’s grandmother, reported her granddaughter missing on July 15, 2008. Casey was arrested just one day later, and charged with child neglect. She told police that she’d last left Caylee with her nanny, Zenaida “Zanny” Fernandez Gonzalez, and that when she returned later that evening to pick her up, both Caylee and the nanny were missing. On September 25, Fernandez-Gonzalez came forward saying that she had never met Casey or any of the Anthony’s, and filed a defamation lawsuit against Casey. Just two months later, human remains found near the Anthony home were confirmed as Caylee’s, and she was pronounced dead. After a trial that lasted a month and a half, Casey Anthony was ultimately found not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter.

This past year has witnessed a resurgence of interest in many high-profile cases, like that of OJ Simpson, JonBenet Ramsey, and Amanda Knox. Henry Schleiff, the group president of ID said because JonBenét: An American Murder Mystery resulted in the networks’s highest ratings to date when it aired in September, ID will be covering similar kinds of stories this year. Speaking of Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery, Schleiff said, “It’s shocking that we don’t have closure on how and why Caylee Anthony was killed,” he continued. “Now, with the benefit of time, our viewers want to understand what happened and uncover the truth.”

Read on to find out when and where to watch the show tonight.


Part 1- Sunday, April 9
Part 2- Monday, April 10
Part 3- Tuesday, April 11

TIME: 10-11 pm ET/PT

TV CHANNEL: Investigation Discovery– Click here to find out what channel ID is in your area.

SYNOPSIS: A three-part examination of the Casey Anthony case begins with the 22-year-old Florida woman claiming that her 2-year-old daughter Caylee had been taken by the nanny. Investigators, however, soon discover that the child has been missing for 31 days.

Part 1: Lies, betrayal, and murder. Casey Anthony insists that her two-year-old daughter Caylee was abducted by the nanny, but investigators soon discover the child has been missing for 31 days. Where is Caylee?

Part 2: As the Casey Anthony trial begins, the defense unleashes shocking allegations and the prosecution reveals their theory of how Caylee died.

Part 3: In the finale, the defense takes center stage as the Casey Anthony trial continues; and the verdict sparks outrage across the country.


– George and Cindy Anthony (Casey’s parents)
– Belvin Perry, Jr. (judge who presided over Anthony’s trial)
– Russ Huekler (alternate juror on the case)
– Clint House (former friend of Casey Anthony)
– Kevin Beary (former Orange County Sheriff who first investigated the case)


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Norma Mears

I hope and pray that ID stays true to what they do….investigative reporting and telling the facts. The public generally could not care less about what she’s doing these days, whether she’s pregnant with another baby or how much money she is making off of telling her story. She could fall off the face of this earth and I would never ask where she had gone. I know I want facts to shed some light on the tragic death of a little girl. I’m hesitant to watch the series because if there is a dime of profit going to her I won’t contribute. I’m willing to listen until the story turns to how Casey is living today. How is Caylee living today? That is the news of this story, she isn’t and it’s someone’s fault. There is more to this story than is being told and until the truth is found I think the whole family should be under the microscope.

Tom Joyce

Diane Dimond is involved in the show which means truth is not important. I won’t match any of it.

Jalil (@jalibalil)

YOU SHOULD WATCH IT. BECAUSE IT SHOWS THAT SHE MURDERED THE GIRL :( It really is quite horrific. You should watch it to see how much of a monster Casey Anthony is. EVERYONE in the case agrees that signs ALL point to one thing. EVEN THE STUFF CAYLEE WAS WRAPPED IN WAS ALL FROM THE ANTHONY HOME. THE DETAILS MAKE U WANT TO VOMIT AND THERE’S WAY MORE INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE AGAINST HER in the series. Watch it. please.


It was to air on the ID channel but something totally different is on. Bummed out!!!

Jacquie Bockius

Whats such a mystery about it? Casey Anthony should be in prison for First Degree Murder! She killed her baby because she was jealous her parents gave the child so much attention. Her sentence was a travesty of justice. Bullshit.

Sharon Duverny

This case will haunt America for decades. Her father covered up for her, her mother lied for her and her attorney Baez was born pure evil. I never thought that evil could be so powerful, but it lives amongst us. Jose will pay for his lies in another life. If he doesn’t believe it now, he will burn in hell because the soul of that poor child will be waiting for him and Casey at the gates of hell. The jurors who let Casey walk free on this earth should all suffer for giving her freedom when the poor child is dead at the hands of this woman. The judge should be crucified for allowing the Baez to bring in a jury from out of town. There is a Higher power and to hell with all the people who helped this murderer walk this earth.

Jalil (@jalibalil)

Whoa. Her father is the one who CARES THE MOST. YOU HAVE IT WRONG. Her mother covered up for her. (Attempted to at one point, anyway) George Anthony actually wants her BEHIND BARS! COME ON. Watch it. I posted the link above. YOU SHOULD WATCH IT. BECAUSE IT SHOWS THAT SHE MURDERED THE GIRL :( . You should watch it to see how much of a monster Casey Anthony is. EVERYONE in the case agrees that signs ALL point to one thing. EVEN THE STUFF CAYLEE WAS WRAPPED IN WAS ALL FROM THE ANTHONY HOME. THE DETAILS MAKE U sick. AND THERE’S WAY MORE awful EVIDENCE AGAINST HER in the series. Watch it. please.


why does it keep advertising it is on (twice this has happened in Canadian) Investigative Dis Sunday tonight and tonight now on TLC it is shown it is on from 8-11 and it certainly is not.. When we will be able to see it in Canada? Very disappointing. They are just showing old Dateline mysteries


No Murder Mystery here.. She is as guilty as one can be ! The ONLY mystery is how the hell did the jury find her innocent of every single charge. It boggles the mind…
I wish they could be charged for negligence !

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