Is J Lynne (Jessica Harris) Scott Disick’s Girlfriend?


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Scott does not have problem to find hot young models but Kourtney does really serious problem to finding men because who will be wants to be with another hooker and money hungry bitch as like Kourtney that is she locked Scott at first place when met first . Remember on TV long time ago he did not like her and she was chasing him so crazy and got pregnant even he did not wants baby remember it was all on life TV.


Kourtney’s legs are too short as like Kim also they are very short and always post incorrect high of them , Kourtney is about 4’7″ feet Kim about 4″8 feet tall . Rob is not tall either .


Everyone is so quick to hate on someone. Instead of bashing someone for there looks or height you need to return to grammar school and learn how to spell and talk. Khloe Kim and kourtney Kardashian are beautiful successful women who have accomplished more than you all have in a life time. As for Scott and kourtney Kardashian I really wish they would get back together but that’s there business I think it’s awesome they can co parent and get along the way they do. I’m proud of all the Kardashians including Rob and the Jenner girls for what they have accomplished. Keep on doing you.

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