Miss Kitty: Photos of the ‘Black Ink Crew’ Cast Member
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Miss Kitty: Photos of the ‘Black Ink Crew’ Cast Member


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Lisa'Anne Scott

Kitty stupid I would’ve waited out front for Dutchess bitch ass and beat her down since she didn’t hopefully be smart enough to sue Dutchess she knew she was going to mase her she hating because Kitty pretty and she looks like shit. Kitty hit Dutchess where it hurt sue her for that Dutchess is a ugly THOT! !! she had sex with dirty dusty Richard before Caesar and her and Richard lied and said it wasn’t true go back to you the beginning of black ink and you will see she did sleep with Richard Scott need to worry about her kids and stop making an ass out of herself on TV thinking she so bad only thing bad about her is her looks and no idea she don’t take care of them boys but always want to cry about them wanting somebody to feel sorry for her learn to be a mother and stop thinking it’s all about you Sky, they really need to close black ink Caesar is not a businessman that all he keep more drama and bull crap going on Donna need to find another tattoo place to go to at stop letting them fools at Black Ink make a fool out of her sky was never your friend Sky don’t know how to be a friend and Caesar will never open up another shop so he just popped in Sky head up and she so stupid she believe it girl please get a life.


DAM*!!! You said that all in one breath. No pauses…periods. Lol!!!

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