WATCH: Tom Hanks Is David S. Pimpkins on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Tom Hanks stayed on Saturday Night Live to appear in a pre-taped sketch as “David S. Pimpkins” and Twitter quickly went nuts. This was a reference to a character he played in a sketch during last year’s Halloween episode. The character popped up as an artist contributing to a rap song that had way too many collaborators.

Hanks also appeared in the monologue with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to help him launch his presidential campaign. Johnson picked Hanks as his running mate.

Hanks also played David S. Pumpkins in an October 2016 sketch, seen below. He’s hosted the show nine times, with that October appearance as the most recent. In the new sketch, the character re-appeared as a collaborator on a rap song, which continued to get out of hand as more extra performers jumped in. In the original sketch, seen below, Pumpkins tortured two elevator riders with his freaky dancing and weird smile.

Here’s a few Twitter reactions to the hilarious callback.

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