Logan Paul: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
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Logan Paul: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Logan Paul on September 11, 2015.

Logan Paul is an actor and YouTuber. Along with hisbrother Jake, Paul has accumulated a massive fanbase over the years, mostly due to his wild personality and likewise physical stunts.

His YouTube channel has millions of subscribers and he has over 13 million followers on Instagram.

Here’s what you need to know about Logan Paul:

1. His YouTube Channel Was the Fastest to Get to 10 Million Subscribers in History

Logan Paul became popular through the video sharing app Vine in 2014. His videos included a combination of daredevil stunts with wholesome slapstick comedy. By the following year, Business Insider reports that he was ranked as the 10th most influential figure on Vine. The app closed up shop in 2016, but Paul made it clear that his popularity would not diminish as a result.

“I believe you really do need to be 360 in this industry,” he told CNBC, “And being just a Vine creator was not my goal. I want to expand and conquer every platform, every medium.”

True to his word, Paul has found even greater success on Instagram and YouTube, where he recently crossed the hallowed 10 million subscriptions mark. As per his Twitter account, this makes his channel Logan Paul Vlogs the fastest YouTube channel in history to do so.

Paul also has a secondary channel, The Official Logan Paul, which is currently at 3.2 million subscribers.

2. He’s Acted in YouTube Films & Television Shows Like ‘Law & Order’

Due to his increased popularity on YouTube, Paul has been able to transition into more dramatic acting roles. He appeared in an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in 2016, playing one of the culprits. “It was one of the first projects I did traditionally,” he told AOL, “That was what made me realize that I do, indeed, want to act beyond social media. It was an eye-opener for sure.”

He went on to say”When you act in movies or TV shows you have to feel and be, versus when we do internet videos we play pretend almost. We literally say that Internet acting is very big, vague, and you play it up. Whereas movies is actual acting; you’re not faking anything.”

Paul has continued to act onscreen, including the the television shows Weird Loners (2014-15) and Stitchers (2015-), as well as the science fiction thriller The Thinning (2016), which was released by YouTube Red.

3. He Has An Estimated Net Worth of $6 Million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Paul has an estimated net worth of $6 million. The bulk of this comes from his social media accounts, which enable him to advertise and endorse various products. By 2015, he told Business Insider that he charged up to five figures for sponsored videos.

“To be honest, I’m worth three times the amount I’m getting paid,” Paul told Tubefilter in 2016, “I think anyone on the Internet with eyeballs at this time and place is a bargain because it’s so new — no one really knows what they’re worth.” Paul goes on to say “I can retire if I wanted to.”

Needless to say, Paul has done quite the opposite of retire, and continues to expand his brand into the business world. According to AdWeek, his current roster of digital-promo campaigns includes Hanes, Dunkin’ Donuts, Nike, Verizon, Pepsi and HBO. His advertisement for Doritos, titled “Paranormal Snacktivity”, was the highest viewed video of the Crash the Super Bowl Campaign in 2016, earning over 4,500 views.

Paul also has his own clothing line, Maverick, at loganpaul.com. Among the merchandise available are sweaters, t-shirts, socks and phone cases. Check them out here.

4. He Says He Wants to Be More Than an Internet Celebrity

I'm Logan Paul and I came here to f**k s**t up

A post shared by Logan Paul (@loganpaul) on

In an interview with Forbes, Paul discussed his future and where he sees himself years down the line. “The internet stuff is definitely not my future. You got to find a balance,” he explained, “because one day, when I’m out looking for a job, my employer could look at these videos and see me as just some rude psycho.”

“So how do you make it as a mainstream entertainer? Who knows?” he added, “But I think you have to be uncomfortable, right? You have to make yourself uncomfortable. All success stories depend on that. That’s why I might start sleeping on hardwood floors and taking cold showers. I’m serious about that. Why? Because when you can focus and succeed in an uncomfortable situation, that’s how you get disciplined. That’s how you succeed.”

That being said, he’s made it clear that he intends to stay in show business.”I [still] want to be the biggest entertainer in the world,” Paul told Business Insider, “That’s my deal. I’ll do whatever it takes to get that. As many hours as is needed.”

5. He Has a Complicated Relationship with His Brother Jake Paul

Jake Paul (L) and Logan Paul attend MTV Interview on January 26, 2015.

Paul’s little brother Jake has something of a social media empire himself, with over 9 million subscribers on YouTube. But with this shared exposure has come a relationship that’s gone from supportive (the sibling anthem “I Love You Bro“) to critical and back again over the years. According to Awesomeness TV, however, Jake took things a bit too far with the pranks when he posted an unflattering image of Logan on a Billboard in Melrose, California.

Logan clapped back when he cozied up to Jake’s ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet in one of his Vlogs. The video ends with him going in to kiss Violet, only to have the camera be cut off. Logan followed this up with a rapped diss track to his little brother titled “The Fall of Jake Paul.” Watch below.

In recent weeks, however, this sibling rivalry seems to have eased up. After Jake’s public antics resulted in him being fired from the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark, Logan opened up about their relationship, telling TMZ:

Like, it’s tough cause he’s gotta do the vlog life, that’s what we do, but at the same token you gotta be a human being and, while I’ve given him plenty of advice, sometimes he takes it and sometimes he doesn’t. I’ve done my due diligence… He’s a smart kid so I think the message has hit him hard enough.

Jake is slated to host the Teen Fest event leading up the 2017 Teen Choice Awards.


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