Awesome SOUL Combat+ Over-Ear Headphones For Athletes

These active, over-ear headphone offers athletes a high performance, comfortable option for getting in the zone before the big game. The wide grip, anti-bacterial, sweat-resistant headband has an opening for breathability. A secure fit and ergonomic design that wraps around the head as an extension of athletic gear, gives athletes peace of mind during exercise, that their headphones will stay secure and withstand the rigors of movement.

A circular ear cup design seals in music and filters out unwanted noise for a unique, immersive audio experience. The powerful sound quality stays true to SOUL’s core values and helps athletes focus on the tasks at hand. Specialized Cool Wear material ear pads are designed for cool, comfort and performance. A detachable Kevlar material audio cable ensures maximum durability.

These headphones have great sound quality of a high end over-the-ear headphones. Nice strong bass with great mid ranges. The headphones are nice and light and fit on the head tight. They don’t get in your way like a big bulky pair would. The sweat resistance works — after a hard work out, speakers were completely fine.

If you are looking for a pair of headphones to use during your workout or during warm ups – these will be it. They have the best of both worlds. You get premium sound quality from an over-the-ear headphones but with the feel of practically nothing on your head! Highly recommend it for athletes everywhere!

Get them here while they last!

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