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This sort of awkwardness never happened to Jordan.

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Ride or die?! How about slow down and show your fellow driver some courtesy, hmm? Paul Walker gets a lesson in roadside manners from a British dandy.

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Man Eats a Dozen Krispy Creme Donuts in 45 Seconds [VIDEO]

Watch as Furious Pete hammers back sweet confection after sweet confection with mind-boggling speed.

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Alison Brie is More Gangsta Than You Ever Thought

Don’t even think about steppin’ to Alison Brie unless you wanna get called out on your rap game. Girl got skillz.

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Matt Damon has had enough of Jimmy Kimmel’s stupid jokes and the Oscar winner intends to teach the late night clown a lesson.

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Real nerds are tired of hot chicks in glasses posing as nerds. Okay, really they’re just bitter those hot chicks still aren’t having sex with them.