EVO 2013: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

EVO 2013: Watch The Day 1 Live Streams Here!

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EVO 2013
Another year, another EVO tournament. The best fighting game competitors around the world will congregate in Las Vegas for the 2013 edition of the the most well known and well respected tourney in the fighting game community. Here’s the top ten facts you need to know about the road to EVO 2013, the games that will appear, and even more information.

1. It’s Being Held at the Paris Las Vegas

Some of the FGC’s most popular players will be making their return to this this year’s EVO – PR Balrog, Daigo, Justin Wong, Filipino Champ, BAS, ChrisG, Nemo and many more. EventHubs posted the full list of Japanese participants that are also planning to attend and participate. Check out the vid above for one of EVO’s most famous (infamous?) moments (Daigo’s full parry!). The next video offers a look at the average competitor’s EVO journey.

7. An Extra Cash Bonus is Up for the Injustice: Gods Among Us Tournament

EVO 2013
For those participating in the Injustice: Gods Among Us tournament, a special cash incentive is in it for the winners. Warner Brothers Games is putting in a $5000 pot bonus for the top eight competitors for the game’s tournament. Another special event for the game will be going underway. Check out the tweet below from Ed Boon to find out what it will be:

8. There’s Also A Cash Bonus for the Skullgirls Tournament

A cash bonus is also in place for the winner of the Skullgirls tourney. Marvelous AQL, the company that’s funding and publishing the PC version of the game, is throwing an additional $1000 into the winner’s pot. With the EVO offical pot already at $1000, this brings the pot’s total to $2000. Check out the confirmation tweet of this news above.

9. A Street Fighter Announcement Will Take Place

EVO 2013
Yoshinori Ono, the prouder behind the recent Street Fighter games, alluded to a possible announcement for the future of the series at EVO 2013. The translated tweet that points to this event happening can be seen below:

Mik0x: Can we have a year of release or something for the next Street Fighter :D ?

Ono: Wait till EVO13 ;P

10. Wireless Dualshock 3 Controllers Are Banned

EVO 2013
EVO is known for being a “bring-your-own-controller” event, but a change has been made to this year’s tournament – wireless PS3 controllers have been banned. More specifically, the PS3’s Sixaxis and Dualshock 3 controllers have been taken out of play. The official EVO website issued this statement on the matter:

Evolution 2013 is a Bring-Your-Own-Controller event. We provide the consoles, games, monitors and speakers for every game station, but it’s up to the players to bring the controller they plan to play. This year we are restricting the controllers players are allowed to bring to ensure fair play and guarantee the integrity of the results. Players will not be allowed to use wireless controllers at the event this year.

All EVO games will be run on the Playstation 3. The Playstation 3 Dual Shock and Sixaxis controllers are both wireless devices. Plugging your controller into a PS3 for the first time pairs your controller to that Playstation. This pairing will be remembered by the Playstation until you sync your controller to another Playstation. We have found no reliable workaround to remove this pairing. Since there’s no easy way to unpair a controller from a Playstation 3, any player who had previously played on a game console may accidentally interfere with another game in progress. In order to ensure the integrity of the event, players will not be allowed to use controllers which pair themselves with Playstation’s.

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