Nintendo Direct E3 2013: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know


Taking the road less traveled, Nintendo decided to stream their game announcements directly to fans this E3. Rather than try to compete directly for E3 conference presence with the likes of Sony and Microsoft, the idea behind the stream was to allow Nintendo to focus on their core audience, those who wanted more Zelda, Mario, Luigi, Pikman and other memorable Nintendo mainstays.

Being in the unique position of having a stronger and more venerable roster of exclusive characters, Nintendo chose to capitalize on the momentum and give the fans exactly what they wanted: more adventures with their favorite cast of characters. Here’s a list of ten of the the most memorable announcements from Nintendo’s Nintendo Direct E3 2013 live stream.

1. Mario and Friends Return To Their Platforming Roots

Another title from developer Platinum Games, Wonderful 101 is a new series that allows players to control various super heroes to fight off alien invaders in a fun, creative and inventive way. The game was originally meant to be a Wii U launch title, but unfortunately missed the boat due to a lengthy development cycle.

Expect a September 15th North American release date, an August 23rd European release date, and an August 24th Japanese release date.

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