Game of War: Fire Age: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Game of War Fire Age

Game of War: Fire Age contains elements of your favorite MMORPG/strategy games. The constantly moving world of this mobile game can be compared to other mobile games, such as Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North. You’ll have to keep an eye on all your town’s resources, soldiers, buildings etc. as you contend with rival armies and other harmful entities.

This mobile MMORPG/strategy game will test your limits as you strive to strengthen your personal stronghold. After amassing a nice collection of troops and putting together a solid village for them all, we came away with 10 tips/tricks/cheats for the game.

1. The Basics Behind Game of War: Fire Age

Game of War Fire Age Tips

In order to get less experienced players into the game’s basics, provided some info on the game’s basics:

Game of War: Fire Age is a building simulation and real time strategy game. Players can construct buildings and train armies that can be used for offensive and defensive purposes. There are also allegiances to join, which is especially important as allies can share resources as well as help each other in their respective tasks. Aside from working together, players can also attack each other, and the winning team will be able to gain additional resources as rewards.

2. Hook Up With A Local Alliance

Game of War Fire Age Tips

Don’t play the lone wolf role during your time with the game. You’ll have an easier time dealing with rival armies just as long as you adopt some alliances. Pick the right options and you’ll have the support you’ll need in those tight situations. Alliances also help make the construction of buildings easier. Make sure you return the favor to your buddies by paying attention to the goals you see when you take a peek under the “Alliances” tab. The more you aid your alliances, the more loyalty points and gold you’ll obtain.

3. Take Advantage of Resource Fields provided some tips on what you should do after building up a sizable, powerful army:

After building a decent army, look for resource fields on the map and occupy them. You will probably find quite a few unoccupied ones at first, it’s a good idea to go for them too. Also have in mind that you should go for the resources that you lack (iron for example). Interesting about occupying is that you don’t permanently own that area once occupied, just harvest it until troops get to maximum capacity and then they automatically return home with the loot.

4. Stock Up on Hospitals

Game of War Fire Age Cheats

It’s better to have more hospitals set up around your stronghold than tons of dead soldiers (DUH!). Hospitals help heal your troops and rebuild your defenses quicker. More hospitals means more healed soldiers and more rebuilt fortresses.

5. Stock Up on All The Resources You Find in Chests

Game of War Fire Age Tips

Resources are primary when it comes to keeping all your buildings healthy which in turn keeps your soldiers healthy. Some of the buildings you end up constructing can also produce resources. You can obtain resources by opening up chests and play the in-game lottery. These resources don’t directly move over to your overall resource pile; they go to your inventory in the item menu. Keep some of these resources stockpiled in your items menu so it won’t have a higher risk of being stolen from your resource pile.

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6. Take Advantage of The Game’s Peace Period By Building Barracks and Hospitals

Game of War Fire Age Tips posted some beginner tips that prove beneficial for the start of the game:

You immediately enter a peace period at the start of the game, but it won’t last long. Make sure you create plenty of hospitals and barracks, and have the necessary number of troops needed to fend off attacks. Once the period ends, you can bet someone will come for you.

7. The Red Dotted Lines Indicate The Future Presence of a Rival Army

Game of War Fire Age Tips also spoke about the meaning of those red dotted lines that you may spot around the game’s world:

Watch out for red dotted lines. This indicates that a rival army is about to take over that territory. Let them move in and do their business. Once they do, and if they don’t overtake the area, you can easily move in and finish the job. Watch your numbers, though.

8. Choose Quests That Have Better Rewards

The better the rewards, the better the quest! Don’t always pick the quests with higher levels. Just pick the quests that award you with the resource rewards that you really need. If you’re desperate to get the right resource items for your operation, pick lower level quests that have them.

9. Hide Your Troops in Empty Areas With No Resources put together a couple of tips that should keep your favorite troops alive:

Another way to hide troops from getting attacked so that you don’t even have to use the hospitals is to occupy an empty area of land with no resources (thus, something that nobody else will want to attack) and send any troops there that you want to hide. Send them back whenever you need them for defense, or simply attack other players from the encampment.

10. Pay Attention to All The Recipes You Have in Your Forge

The more daily requests you complete, the more crafting items you’ll procure. Put those crafting items toward the new item recipes you’ll see in your forge. Duplicate items can be formed together to produce new items, which leads to new item recipes.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Game of War: Fire Age players, throw them in the comments section!

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  1. One tip that you can’t miss is using the Alliance’s store and catalog. These offer poor or weak players powerful items to maximise defenses. After completing alliance quests you will gain Loyalty and Fund. These are your budget to buy Peace Shield, Attack / Defense strengthening, Resources and what I like the most: Speed Up items.

  2. Also, “hiding troops” in an encampment is a horrible idea. They are not hiding, have no defense, people WILL hit them, and when they do, all your troops weaker than theirs will die, not go to the hospital.

    • yes he is right encampments are horrible the only true way to hide troops is send to fellow alliance members as reenforcements but you stuck no porting. you can try a digsight use 50% march sze increase send them there only works if you have proper shield i do this during kvks with rss tiles also

  3. Hi. Today using bing. Which is a truly tactically prepared report. I’ll be bound to save that accessible to get more information of your respective useful data. Many thanks for the actual post. I’ll absolutely come back.

  4. This game blows! If your not a level 21, your nothing. Can’t go anywhere or accomplish anything unless u pump in a ton of money to “buy” your way in. Super dum. Started out cool…. Faded fast. I don’t recommend.

    • That’s cause our a lazy ass then. Not spending money and at level 15 and enjiyingthe game. You must live life wanting quick results and don’t out effort into anything. Prob single and have shifty relationships too. I’m damn right too aren’t ? Learn patience. Great game and free.

      • The only cheat in this game is money. I know of people who have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars for no other reason than to get to billions in power.
        You can get up there too if you don’t mind playing all the time, and if the higher powered players, who many have bought their way to the top, don’t continually burn your stronghold down, kill your troops on resources, and kill your hero over and over.
        This game is about buying your way to the top and keeping the peasants down, because they don’t buy into the game.
        I’ve played for, far longer than I will start to admit. Because as much as I like some of the other players, this isn’t worth the the time and what money I have put into it.
        Keep the game if you like it, in the end all you’re playing for is aggravation and no returns for the money you invest in it.
        p.s. This game also collects according to it’s terms of use and policy information, thumbnails, screenshots, purchasing habits, access information to Facebook and other social network sites and other browsing habits while you’re out of the game. This also now includes camera and microphone operation. You just lost any right to privacy and identity information.

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    • You pick a target city really really far away and pick the rally for a long time like 6 hours and everyone puts troops they want to hide and those troops are safe if those people get burned. Because there troops were occupied. But you have to remember to recall troops if you don’t really plan on hitting the target.

  6. What a load of bollocks, ATTACK from an encampment????? Hide troops outside of your city, somewhere on the map????? This was written by someone who has not really played this game at all

  7. As a top player in my kingdom everything I have read on this page is either common sense or bad ideas. Do t leave your troops in encampments they WILL be attacked. And you can try stock up on hospitals but they don’t do much until stronghold 15 any ways. The 24 hour shield is better to just remove

    • I have to admit that the 24 hour shield is pretty useless, but it can be used to throw off the players who time the ending of a shield, if you start a new shield before the old one expires.
      btw, don’t buy a 30 day shield unless you will be gone from the game a long time or you happen to be lazy. at 45,000 gold it’s cheaper to buy 10×3 day shields for a total of 25,000 gold.

  8. Now I came on here to find cheats like the way you can play poker or spin a magic 8 ball or scroll a banner. That’s what I wanted to know about???

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  11. This article is absurdly elementary….might be helpful for the first day of play but here is one “tip” from a 23Billion level player….do NOT “hide your troops” on tiles….you will be killed.

    • I know, right? And what’s funnier is that in most kingdoms, if you’re under sh level 15 you don’t event need to worry about getting attacked except during kvk, and probably not then really unless you’re over 11 or so. Low level sh aren’t worth the time (t1 only, and usually not many so there’s no real kvk kill points there and you can’t take their hero), and when the bigs go after smaller sh(15 and up) they’re generally hero hunting for the execution bonuses so they can win the kvk for your kingdom.

      So a note, your big players are the ones that win your kvk for you, appreciate them (even if they zero you) because they’re the reason there’s all that free kvk gold lying around every few days. That’s another point left out here, the kvk gold and the fact that gold is the only resource in the game effectively, it’s the king of all resources (although food and silver are very important too at higher levels).

      This article is terrible, they should have mention of fake rallies (aside from shields these are your only protection for your troops and hero, especially if you do them across the forest; it can buiy you almost 12 hours), multiple accounts (for farms or rally towns that you can hit with impunity if you forget to cancel), what the heck a kvk is, and advice for young sh to get out there and attack people to learn how it all actually works.

      When you attack people as a small sh, the bigger players will admire your pluck, and you won’t do any damage to them. In addition you’ll learn exactly what you lose and don’t lose after they come back and zero you which is very important. Everyone needs to know how to bounce back after they get annihilated. I got zeroed just today when I missed my time to reup my shield :)

      Thankfully they did mention joining an alliance, as most alliances have R4 that will help out new players with all of this basic survival stuff…
      Overall, terrible article, the comments are worth way more than the article ever would be. Join an alliance and ask for help, we assign r3 and r4 to new players to help them in ours.