Rayman Jungle Run: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Rayman Jungle Run Tips

Rayman Jungle Run takes Ubisoft’s most recognizable platforming hero Rayman and sends him on an infinite running journey on your favorite mobile device. Rayman not only has to stay on his toes and keep moving constantly; he has to dodge incoming cannon balls and jump through several obstacles.

We’ve ran and conquered, so we know the best ways to approach the many stages, enemies and collectibles littered through this epic runner. Here’s 10 tips, tricks and cheats that will keep your Rayman safe and your smartphone outfitted with more wallpapers.

For those gamers out there who want to get the upper hand on every stage and world in the game, pay attention to the full game walkthrough above:

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Rayman Jungle Run players, throw them in the comments section!

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