Where’s My Mickey?: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know
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Where’s My Mickey?: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Where's My Mickey

Puzzle games come a dime a dozen on mobile platforms these days, but at least most of them are pretty fun to play. Where’s My Mickey? happens to be one of them. The gameplay commands Mickey Mouse around as he tries to solve physics-based puzzles that bring on the water flow.

For those of you who’ve already played Where’s My Water? and Where’s My Perry?, Where’s My Mickey? should be instantly familiar. We’re going to take the time to help familiarize some of you gamers with the puzzles in this title.

These 10 tips and cheats should help Mickey get as much H2O as possible.

1. So What’s This Game All About?

Where's My Mickey Tips

CheatMasters.com provided a brief summary that should get gamers right as soon as they start playing:

Where’s My Mickey? Is a puzzle game where you must guide the water along a path from its source to where Mickey is. There will be obstacles along the way, and the point of the game is to circumvent all of these obstacles and have them work together so that the water would be able to reach its intended destination. Stars must also be collected as well as special items that can unlock further stages. Each level is presented as a form of animated short much akin to an old Mickey Mouse cartoon, so players must be able to complete each set of stages to see how each adventure plays out.

2. Try and Drain That Red-Hot Liquid ASAP

Where's My Mickey Cheats

Whenever you encounter a stage that features some of that red-hot lava-esque liquid, try and drain it ASAP. That water is harmful to Mickey, so it makes more sense to get rid of that fluid first before you get to getting Mickey the safe water.

3. The Basics Behind Rain Clouds, Pipes, Gates Etc.

Where's My Mickey Tips

PocketGamer.co.UK explained the purpose behind some of the more advanced items you’ll come across during the game’s many stages:

– You can use rain clouds to collect and move water about the level. You can tap or hold your finger on blue cloud to make it rain.
– Pipes redirect water about the level. Put liquid in the open end and it will shoot out the nozzle. Follow the pipes to see exactly where your water will come out.
– Gates move along their track when you splash water or a water-filled cloud into the button of the corresponding colour.
– Wind pushes clouds about the level. You might be able to form a wall to block wind, or dig out dirt to create impromptu wind tunnels.
– Lava is a dangerous liquid. It will result in a Game Over for you if you spill it in Mickey’s pipe. Lava destroys buttons, cancels out water, destroys stars, and eats up clouds. It can be useful in certain puzzles, but must be handled carefully.
– Taps enable you to pour liquid out at your own pace. Just tap and hold on the faucet to spill liquid. The colour of the tap tells you what is going to come out – blue means water, red means lava.
– Vines start out as baby shoots, then grow into giant beanstalks when damp. Pour water on them to build walls and bridges. Lava, on the other hand, makes vines shrivel and die.

4. So How Many Chapters/Stages Are There?

Where's My Mickey Tips

In total, there are three full chapters in the game. Each chapter contains 20 puzzle stages each. There ya go, folks.

5. Here’s All of The Game Achievements

For you gamers who want to get a heads-up on all the game’s achievements, check out the full list below:

– When Life Gives You Lemons – Complete all levels in “When Life Gives You Lemons.”
– Make Lemonade – Collect all stars in “When Life Gives You Lemons.”
– Fanning the Flames – Complete all levels in “Fanning the Flames.”
– Full Burn – Collect all stars in “Fanning the Flames.”
– Growing Pains – Complete all levels in “Growing Pains.”
– All Grown Up – Collect all stars in “Growing Pains.”
– How’d That Get There? – Find a buried item in a level.
– Treasure Hunter – Find 10 buried items.
– Bonus Time – Find enough buried items to unlock a bonus level.
– Water Wise – Beat a level with exactly 20 drops of water.
– Surprise! – Surprise Mickey with Red Fizzle 20 times.
– Startled – Destroy 50 stars.
– Efficient Cut – Dig with two fingers at once in a level.
– Not a Quitter – Retry the same level 8 times.
– Fizzle Out – Completely destroy all clouds in a level using Red Fizzle.
– Switched Off – Destroy 20 switches with Red Fizzle.
– Clearing – Kill 50 plants with Red Fizzle.
– Green Thumbs – Grow 50 plants to full height.
– Water U Doing? – Surprise Goofy with water 20 times.
– Hot Soup – Convert water to Fizzle using Fizzle Weeds 50 times.
– Sandbox – Play in the “Van Goofy” sandbox.
– Daily Dose – Return to the game for 3 consecutive days.
– Speed Demon – Complete an entire episode in less than one hour.
– Cleanliness – Dig away every single bit of dirt in a level while solving it.
– Notified – Launch the game in response to a push notification.
– Not a drop – Lose all the water in the level 20 times.

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6. That Red Stuff is Good for Something…

The dangerous red fluid you’ll run into can be used to destroy the organic branches that block stars and any access to Mickey. Once you use this fluid to your advantage, go ahead and get rid of it next.

7. Carve Out Finer Paths for Easier Wind Travel

Modojo.com posted up some tips on how to guarantee better ways to keep your wind moving faster:

You need to carve very fine paths for wind to travel through. If it hits a curved corner, it will follow around that corner, but right-angles can stop the breeze cold. You may have to make several attempts to get these paths just right, but don’t forget to check and see if there’s an easier path it can take.

8. Here’s How to Access One of The Game’s Secret Levels

There’s a secret level that’s not to hard to access. Go to the trophy cabinet and drag the screen downward so you can see the wall above the cabinet. When you see the clock, tap it and you’ll soon be playing the game’s secret “Coo Coo” stage.

9. Redo Past Stages for More Stars and More Levels

Where's My Mickey Tips

Even though you might have cleared a past level with at least one or two stars, it’s best to return to a level to get the three star achievement. Completing past levels with a better star rating and nabbing all the treasure that’s present helps further your progress. Beating past levels means you can have access to more levels. After memorizing the layout of a past level, it shouldn’t take you too long to beat them the second time around.

10. Here’s The 3-Star Gameplay Walkthrough for “When Life Gives You Lemons” 1-10

Check out the video walkthrough above for a perfect, 3-star method to getting past levels 1-10 for the “When Life Gives You Lemons” campaign.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Where’s My Mickey? players, throw them in the comments section!


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