Subway Surfers: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Subway Surfers Tips

Subway Surfers is everywhere. Trust us when we tell you – you’ve caught a glimpse of someone on their smartphone playing this urban infinite runner. The art style is infinitely cool and the addictive “move as fast and far as you can” gameplay mechanic drives this game to the top of the charts.

Players who want to make the best of the game need to know the best way to approach it. There’s power-up’s, new characters and several missions you’ll need to master as you run through the subways.

Now go out there and keep running those subway tracks!

1. Try to Stay High (No, not like that…)

Subway Surfers Tips

Maneuvering around the hazardous tracks in the game involves a lot of running, dashing and jumping. The safest method you’ll need to use when making your run’s is by running atop the trains. By staying high, you’ll have an easier run that’s not packed with instances of avoiding a bunch of several obstacles. When you jump off those trains and move in mid-air, your character will move into a diagonal movement. Diagonal jumps and movement will get you very far.

2. Make Sure You Know About All the Hoverboards

Subway Surfers Tips

If you ever spend some coins on a hoverboard, you’ll have to become familiar with their special abilities too. Hoverboards last 30 seconds, but they’ll be unusable once you get hit. Check out the list below for all the permanent hoverbaords that are available to you all:

– Hoverboard (Starter)
– Big Kahuna
– Bouncer: Special Power: Super Jump (Has the same effects of Super Sneakers)
– Daredevil
– Freestyler
– Lowrider: Special Power: Stay Low (You won’t need to roll if you have that hoverboard in use)
– Lumberjack
– Miami
– Monster
– Scoot
– Skull Fire
– Starboard (Free Hoverboard that’s available to everyone)
– Superhero

Hit up for more info on the rest of the hoverboards that you can attach to your characters.

3. Learn About the Powerup’s The Game Has

Subway Surfers Cheats made sure to note what all the powerup’s are and what they can do:

Jetpack: Gives you flying ability over all the trains and obstacles and you can still get a bunch of coins in the process.

Super Sneakers: These make you run a lot faster and the guard will be waaay behind.

Coin Magnet: While active, this magnet collects all the coins around you.

2X Multiplier: This will double your score while it is active.

4. So What Powerup’s Should You Use the Most?

At the start of your time with the game, the best powerup’s you need to equip is the Coin Magnet and the Jetpack. Copping as many coins as possible during the beginning portions of the game makes it easier for you to purchase more single use items. As for the jetpack, this item is another useful tool that will get a bunch of coins and keep you from harm. When you’re ready to get some extremely high scores, take advantage of the 2x Multiplier. Upgrade this powerup the most so you can eventually reach the x30 multiplier (which is possible through the use of all three items mentioned before). Upgrading the Jetpack and Super Sneakers makes your runs even more safer.

5. Use These Move Combinations listed a few button combinations that come in handy during those near-miss situations:

– Jump + Right or Jump + Right + Right = Dash to the right while in mid-air
– Jump + Left or Jump + Left + Left = Dash to the left while in mid-air
– Jump + Roll = Cancels your Jump then instantly goes into a Roll
– Roll + Jump = Cancels your Roll then instantly goes into a Jump

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Marnedia hall

What’s the difference in coins and points? If there is a difference how do I get just points?


You get the points just by running without collectiNguyen anything. But you have to collect the coins(the money)


For long distances, follow the coins as they don’t go into obstacles but beeee careful!!!


Subway Surfers Is As Sweet As Honey- One Of The Best Runner Games Ever Downloaded (Kisses)!

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