Call of Duty: Ghosts: Reviews Roundup

REVIEW: Call of Duty: Ghosts is Still Enjoyable, But Lacks Innovation

Another year, another Call of Duty. Should you care enough to play it?

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COD Ghosts

It’s here!

Chances are your console’s friends list has one game listed at the moment – Call of Duty: Ghosts. Every year, some diehard fans of the series look forward to another epic romp through the game’s explosive setpieces and online multiplayer skirmishes. This year, Activision and Infinity Ward have released a new entry that delves into a new storyline.

So the major question that needs to be asked is this – does this game continue to uphold the untouchable legacy set by its predecessors? Or is this the the game that will begin to slow down the forward momentum of the series?

Check out our reviews roundup below.

IGN – 8.8/10

All in all, Call of Duty: Ghosts takes the FPS formula established by its predecessors and doesn’t innovate. Instead, it just adds more. You’ll have more killstreaks and perks to choose from, more monsters to kill, and even more explosions to stagger away from. And while you’re running through a collapsing building for the hundredth time, the thrilling sensation and excitement you felt in the previous games is numbed. There are no memorable characters to hang on to, no jaw dropping twists–just more of what you’ve already seen before. The seller here is the multiplayer. The ability to completely customize your soldiers, the polished gameplay, and a few entertaining additions will keep you coming back to gun down your friends for hours on end. Just don’t expect to be blown away.

Ghosts is a cookie cutter game with a little touch of alien frosting on top. However, the well-designed multiplayer maps, soldier customization, and polished gameplay is more than enough to sink your teeth into.

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