Icycle: On Thin Ice: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Icycle On Thin Ice Tips

Icycle: On Thin Ice is a mighty strange beast. You take control of a peculiar dude named Dennis, who’s able and willing to ride a bike in the cold (and in the nude). The simplicity and fun factor for this game makes all this cycling a fun time.

We like Dennis, so we want to make sure that his frozen cycling journey is a safe and productive one. With these top 10 tips/tricks/cheats, you’ll also make sure to keep Dennis in a good place on the ice and with his future love.

By the end of this tips/tricks/cheats guide, you’ll have all the experience necessary to complete all those 80 levels.

1. Stay Ahead of that Huge Snowball on the Opening Stage

Icycle On Thin Ice Cheats

Players who start the game up for the first time will encounter the first of many challenging game scenarios. At first, you’ll notice that you’re trailing the snowball until you get to a loop-shaped like section. Pick up the collectible ice cubes that you’ll see onscreen first. Don’t get too scared once you spot the snowball trailing you and your lil’ bike. Remember – keep moving and stay ahead. Don’t freak out if the snowball gets a tad bit close for comfort. Keep it pushing and you won’t be smashed and frozen so fast.

2. Always Make It A Habit to Pick Up That M100 Kitchen Vac

Icycle On Thin Ice Tips

One powerup that does wonders for your ice shard collecting is the M100 Kitchen Vac. Always make it a habit to pick that red powerup once you spot it on any stage you’re cycling through. Any ice cubes that happen to be close to Dennis will automatically come to you if you’re close enough while you have the M100 Kitchen Vac equipped. If you happen to not be in the position needed to pick up some hard-to-collect ice cubes, then having that Vac nearby can simplify matters.

3. Complete Those Stage Challenges

Icycle On Thin Ice Tips

Each stage comes with some type of optional challenge that’s’ ripe for completion. Some of them are pretty simple, like completing for the stage for instance. Some of the more intricate challenges ask you to locate specific items or keep from dying. Make sure you seek out and complete these challenges because they’ll fill your pockets with more collectible ice cubes. Those cubes are your currency, so keep lining your pockets by finishing off those stage challenges.

4. Try to Unlock Those Dream Level Sequences

Icycle On Thin Ice Tips Tricks

You’ll notice that Dreams tab pop up once you complete any level. The Dreams tab represents a separate set of stages that are a little bit more…well, eccentric. The only way into these Dreams is by unlocking the appropriate items needed to enter them. You can find out which items you’ll need to open these Dream stages by clicking on the Upgrade Tab, tapping on Dreams and then checking out any of the bonus levels that are available for play.

5. Don’t Forget Your Umbrella

Icycle On Thin Ice Tips

One item that comes in handy for those tough-to-navigate stages is the umbrella. When you encounter some crazy platforming instances, the umbrella helps slow things down a bit so you can gather your bearings and navigate those jumps more carefully.

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