Panda Pop: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. Connect to Facebook

Panda Pop Tips

Play along with your Facebook friends and track their progress on the map. Use Facebook Connect to ask your friends for lives – as needed.

7. Wall Texture Does Not Affect a Bubble’s Bounce

Although some levels’ walls appear angled, they do not affect your bubbles’ bounce. Once you learn how to angle your aim, you can bounce accurately every time – no matter what the wall looks like.

8. Pay Attention to the Game Loading Screen

Panda Pop Tips

Plan ahead of each level! Watch closely as the game loads and memorize the upcoming layout. If you’re feeling extra strategic, take a screenshot.

9. Using Power-Up’s vs. Bubbles

Wherever possible, use power-up’s before tossing your bubbles. At the end of the game, more bubbles (in your possession) mean more bonus points.

10. Combine Your Power-Up’s Strategically

Panda Pops Tips

Sometimes power-ups are more effective when combined. Sometimes they aren’t. For example, using one lantern at a time to clear bubbles can actually be more helpful than combining several different lanterns.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Panda Pop players, throw them in the comments section!

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  1. I love this game. I play it a lot but if you buy the extras. It starts acting up and cheats you in many ways to eat up your purchases. Good luck and enjoy but don’t buy the extras if you don’t want to get cheated. Very frustrated.

    • I’ve made five purchases and did not received any of them. On level 114 and don’t even get enough of bubbles to pop with and always the wrong color that just a waste of shots.Most of the time when I have 2 of the same color I won’t get the correct color to pop them with but just a color that won’t do a bit of good.if I get to where I run out of bubbles and offered the option to purchase more bubbles I can click on the order button and get the payment was successable but still no extra bubbles and may have more babies than bubbles

  2. I am on level 380 and it says more levels coming soon. I have waited 5 days now. When are the new levels coming or is the game over??????

    • Dont be such a woozy! Iam un level 395 and have had no problems,,,,,just playa the right strategy!!!!!!!think,,,,,think,,,,,think

      • I’m on level 430 and haven’t made any purchases. Haven’t had any extras for ages either. Just keep practising the levels till you work out a way to complete, and yes, sometimes it depends on the colours you get before you can complete a level. Just keep on playing.

  3. I want all my money back that I spent as the game takes far more then the amount of things bought. Thank you