Panda Pop: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. Connect to Facebook

Panda Pop Tips

Play along with your Facebook friends and track their progress on the map. Use Facebook Connect to ask your friends for lives – as needed.

7. Wall Texture Does Not Affect a Bubble’s Bounce

Although some levels’ walls appear angled, they do not affect your bubbles’ bounce. Once you learn how to angle your aim, you can bounce accurately every time – no matter what the wall looks like.

8. Pay Attention to the Game Loading Screen

Panda Pop Tips

Plan ahead of each level! Watch closely as the game loads and memorize the upcoming layout. If you’re feeling extra strategic, take a screenshot.

9. Using Power-Up’s vs. Bubbles

Wherever possible, use power-up’s before tossing your bubbles. At the end of the game, more bubbles (in your possession) mean more bonus points.

10. Combine Your Power-Up’s Strategically

Panda Pops Tips

Sometimes power-ups are more effective when combined. Sometimes they aren’t. For example, using one lantern at a time to clear bubbles can actually be more helpful than combining several different lanterns.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Panda Pop players, throw them in the comments section!

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  1. I’m on level 651 and haven’t earned any coins to buy powers ups! Can someone explain to me why I haven’t earned any coins without buying them?

    • I’m on level 755 and haven’t received 1 coin! Seems as though there’s no way to earn them, just buy them! Power up chances do not come often at all!

    • I haven’t either. I wrote to them and didn’t get this resolved. It’s been months and still nothing. On level 727. I still like the challenge. Please fix the coin problem!

  2. I’m on 252. All games of this type are created with an algorithm that makes the game hard at first, then, to not lose you as a player, after a few games the set-ups are made easier. The colors are set up to be easier to pop, so on. So, my advice: Enjoy the game, and have patience, Grasshopper.

  3. I’m on level 758. Don’t waste your money buying crap. Just have patience and you will get past every level. I have been on some levels for two and three weeks. Just play, be patient and you will get it. That’s the problem, everyone wants everything to be easy with no challenge.

    • You are right. I am on 785 and some levels I was on about 2-3 weeks. Just try every once and a while and find the slick move to get thru it.

  4. There is another way to cheat: if u don’t have any more lives just:
    1) go to settings
    2) change the date one day ahead
    3) go back to panda pop and enjoy your lives

  5. My game (playing on iPhone 6s) is frozen. Is there anyway to unfreeze it without deleting and reloading! I’m on level 114 and already lost the game on level 176.


  7. I love and really enjoy playing Pet Rescue Sage but I do get stuck on certain stages. Luckily I found this cool site, that offers free cheat! It’s worked like magic for me and has been a real help getting pass certain stages. Hope you find the same enjoyment in it as I did :)

    • I cannot get off 66 either. It seems as though you cannot advance without spending money and that is not fair. I am stuck here for 2 days now and about ready to uninstall this game but not before I give it a bad rap

  8. Does anyone think the games are being controlled we can pass some levels the ball goes somewhere else u keep at it who is it costing to techarge the phone not all of us can go on face book or buy extra points

  9. Level 99 is so hard to beat even watching the video it seems easy but is not to many death faces around why this game is so hard to beat, why is so different from other games a game is to have fun and enjoy not to get frustrated and feel to quit the game I always ask the same question about the game not a answer yet .is something behind this game that we don’t know? are people beating on the game is money involved I herd that is a connection with the mob?

  10. I don’t buy anything and I’m on level 818. It just takes careful aiming and perseverance folks. It sometimes takes me 3 weeks to clear a level.

  11. My husband is on level 60 and can’t get past it. Any tips? Also, is there a way to use the balloons with a “?” to one’s advantage?

  12. I am on level 114. I can not get off this level, been on this level now for several weeks. Do I need to spend money to get off this level. I would like to buy that dragon to wipe out everything. So frustrating. By the time I get up to the 4 pandas at the top, I run out of ball’s. Do I need to spend money, and how do I do that, how do I use the coins once I purchased them. Please help somebody.

  13. I posted my frustration with panda pop been on level 114 several weeks now. Do I need to buy coins to buy that dragon to wipe out everything. And how do I buy them and use them when I purchased them.

    • I have used all 4 lanterns at once to create the Dragon and it does NOT clear the whole screen. I have also got a raspberry (Dragon) doing a challenge and used it. One baby panda was left on the top row!!! It was four, but I finally beat it. Hang in there you’ll get it!!! Also at level 70 all the raspberries go away and you have to earn a mask thing!! If you have any use them before l level 70. You don’t get a notice that you’re about to lose them.

  14. I love this game. i cant put my i-pad down. I don’t buy anything, just wait for my bubbles to come back it only takes a couple of hours inbetween. I am on level 365… If u cant seem to beat a level don’t give up it will finally come to u in about 3vweeks. my friends and i compeat on passing each others levels. Hope theres morr games out there like this.

    • It gets worse but you will eventually,win your level. I am on level 1238. I have friends on the 1400 sector. Patience patience — It will come

  15. I’m on level 954. I will tell you the secrets of how to get there, but not here. If I tell you here, they’ll change everything up. So send an email to ezed256 at the g mail place, and I’ll fix you up. Ed.

  16. Bonjour je suis au niveau 462 et hélas je n’ai pas besoin d’aide ou alors il faut les acheter ne vous serait ils pas possible de lettre une astuce pour nous avoir des objets pour pouvoir jouer merci à vous pour ce jeu très prenant car depuis que j’y joue je n’arrive pas à me décrocher de ce jeu.

  17. Sometimes within 4-10 shots the balls never change colors forcing you to buy extra shots what determines the ball color change

  18. Playing level 210. Every level has to be played 20-30 times before it is even slightly possible without buying bonuses. Getting very tedious