Panda Pop: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. Connect to Facebook

Panda Pop Tips

Play along with your Facebook friends and track their progress on the map. Use Facebook Connect to ask your friends for lives – as needed.

7. Wall Texture Does Not Affect a Bubble’s Bounce

Although some levels’ walls appear angled, they do not affect your bubbles’ bounce. Once you learn how to angle your aim, you can bounce accurately every time – no matter what the wall looks like.

8. Pay Attention to the Game Loading Screen

Panda Pop Tips

Plan ahead of each level! Watch closely as the game loads and memorize the upcoming layout. If you’re feeling extra strategic, take a screenshot.

9. Using Power-Up’s vs. Bubbles

Wherever possible, use power-up’s before tossing your bubbles. At the end of the game, more bubbles (in your possession) mean more bonus points.

10. Combine Your Power-Up’s Strategically

Panda Pops Tips

Sometimes power-ups are more effective when combined. Sometimes they aren’t. For example, using one lantern at a time to clear bubbles can actually be more helpful than combining several different lanterns.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Panda Pop players, throw them in the comments section!

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  1. I love this game. I play it a lot but if you buy the extras. It starts acting up and cheats you in many ways to eat up your purchases. Good luck and enjoy but don’t buy the extras if you don’t want to get cheated. Very frustrated.

    • I’ve made five purchases and did not received any of them. On level 114 and don’t even get enough of bubbles to pop with and always the wrong color that just a waste of shots.Most of the time when I have 2 of the same color I won’t get the correct color to pop them with but just a color that won’t do a bit of good.if I get to where I run out of bubbles and offered the option to purchase more bubbles I can click on the order button and get the payment was successable but still no extra bubbles and may have more babies than bubbles

        • I’ve hit the buy button again and it just goes through the process of charging me again for balls that I again don’t receive.

        • This is one game, actually the ONLY GAME I know that when you contact the people who make the game you WILL BE RESPONDED TO AND HAVE THE PROBLEM CORRECTED! PROMISE! They have answered me each and every time I’ve had to contact them for my power up not ‘taking’ or not being given the purchase I paid for … BONUS- they will ALWAYS give you EXTRA for your trouble! Guaranteed! At least I’ve never had them NOT and I’ve had to contact them for purchases taking the money but not supplying me with what I purchased many, many times. They’re always QUICK and VERY HELPFUL! have yet to NOT be in my personal experience! Don’t despair, message when something doesn’t go thru!

    • Beat Level 66 and played Level 67 and list. When I went back in to play, was put back on Level 66 and have been stuck there for weeks.

  2. I am on level 380 and it says more levels coming soon. I have waited 5 days now. When are the new levels coming or is the game over??????

    • Dont be such a woozy! Iam un level 395 and have had no problems,,,,,just playa the right strategy!!!!!!!think,,,,,think,,,,,think

      • I’m on level 430 and haven’t made any purchases. Haven’t had any extras for ages either. Just keep practising the levels till you work out a way to complete, and yes, sometimes it depends on the colours you get before you can complete a level. Just keep on playing.

        • Just persevere I’m on level 171 and have never purchased anything to help. I don’t even get help from friends. I sometimes play 1 level about 10 times before I conquer it. It’s a challenge to try and complete the level without any help. Be patient and enjoy the game

  3. I want all my money back that I spent as the game takes far more then the amount of things bought. Thank you

  4. Heres how to beat level 569. The only way to beat it is to take a screen shot at beginning of game as bubbles are scrolling. Open the screen shot and Memorize one of the two color bubbles in the middle at top of column along woth status of masked ball (open or closed) Clear the bottom of any of the four colums so you can now shoot straight up. Remember every rime you shoot to toggle in your memory status of mask above that you cannot see. My two color at top of columns 2 and three were yellow and blue. Shoot your appropriate color ball straight up between column when status is open mouth. Utilize the screen shot you took earlier to figure outropriate colors and mask status and shoot balls to top. Good luck.

  5. I play on my android Samsung s5. Wish I could actually EARN extras instead of having to buy them. I’m on level 485.

  6. I’m stuck on level 5,there is just an arrow pointing to the left but there is no lantern or anything so I cant do anything. I’m stuck please help.

    • I’m on level 420 and have never bought anything. When I get stuck on a level, I just keep trying until I use up all my hearts, do stuff around the house, then after about an hour my hearts are all back and I’m laughin’, mate! But it sucks to play from my Kindle because the objects are weird distances apart. Much more fun from my iPhone.

  7. I love the game but I shouldn’t be expected to buy extra bubbles. I am about to guit I am not going to be forced into a purchase. It shuts down if you refuse. Its either free or its not.

  8. I.not receiving free token on panda pop or my next Level I won on panda pop Level 34 and won’t Let me move to Level 35 help me please.

  9. When I log into Facebook on my computer it works perfectly fine but when I try to connect to facebook on panda pop my email becomes invalid? I know it’s not Facebook’s fault because I can log in on my computer normally. Any ways you can fix this? I need to sync my progress to facebook so I don’t have to restart panda on my new device.

  10. I move out Level 44 and it keeping me ther am move out to 45 now and I keep. Getting cheating out my free point please help me out Let me out Level 44 I beat game 44now I trying to to level 45 please help me get out that picture in my free point please help me get out

  11. Purchased coins and haven’t received a thing. Where are the coins and how do you use then to save the pandas. New player.

  12. Sybil says chill and figure it out even if one level takes days.never buy coins.u are better than that.your brain will love u more in the end.if u do get frustrated and happen to have four full lanterns push them all at once onto one ball and unleash the will make everything OK. On level 375, has taken about 3 months.look forward to it every night before I go to sleep.chill and use ur brain

  13. I’m on game 325 and all of a sudden as I go on the game it doesn’t automatically go on the game I’m on. When I aim to fire the ball it doesn’t move. Can you help?

  14. U have reported this before and no one will fix it I can’t access fb or get any of my achievements nothing works right can’t get help from friends with lives have to wait awhile fay to play again

  15. So love this game.I’m on 379 and sometimes it has taken me weeks to complete a level.I have never brought or paid for any complete the tricky levels it’s often just luck with the balls.perseverance and skill from all the practice. 5 stars!

  16. I’m on levels 6:06 and for some reason I cannot pass it I’ve been playing it for 3 weeks is there anybody out there that can help

  17. I play this game all day and never receive anything to help me! You need to offer easy or better ways to get bonuses without paying for them! I play other games and get lots of bonuses to use to get through levels! Gets frustrating!!!

  18. I have been on level 54 for over 3 months, you only get 22 balls and I will not buy any. I play at least 5 – at a time, twice a day. Very frustrating and addicting. I am ready to give up

  19. I hate that you don’t get enough balls & I don’t have money to buy them! It becomes VERY fustrating when you can’t get the the balls you need to complete the game!

  20. Every time I buy a power up it ask me to buy coins when I do I never get the power up .i will ask me to push for the booster but the coin page appears AGAIN. What do the coins do anyway? I thought it meant more lives but it’s apparently not. Can you tell me? I’m fairly new at this.