Plague Inc.: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Plague Inc Tips

Plague Inc. is one of the most uniquely challenging mobile games on the market. Your sole pathogen has infected someone by the moniker of “Patient Zero.” With your virus now public, you are now given the task of wiping out the rest of the world with your worldwide plague.

This strategy game pushes you to make the most of your newfound plague, so you need some worth advice on what it takes to push it to the forefront.

Here’s the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats that you need to know for Plague Inc.

1. Let Your Plague Begin Its Reign of Terror on an Island

Plague Inc Tips

The main end goal for this game is infect the entire world. If you want to start on a difficult place of land with a high population, you’ll need to target an island. Island regions seem to be a lot harder to infect than some of the other locations you’ll see in the game. Knocking down the tougher and more resilient populated island locales will make the rest of your pathogen spreading tasks much easier. Start off in Greenland, Iceland, Madagascar, New Zealand, the Caribbean etc. Take out these islands fast!

Head to the next page to learn about the benefits of starting your virus off in a larger country!

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    • This game proved to be harder than I thought. In case anyone is in need of help/cheats, I’d recommend :) It helped me a lot. Hope it helps you too!

    • Doesn’t work perfectly. Balance on cure fighting and lethality have to be right. The more severe the disease the quicker they find a curr

    • Primeiro aumente a transmissão, quando todo mundo estiver contaminado comece a aumentar os sintomas até chegar na “Falência Múltipla dos Órgãos”, ajuste as Habilidades para atrasar a cura.

    • Primeiro aumente a transmissão, quando todo mundo estiver contaminado comece a aumentar os sintomas até chegar na “Falência Múltipla dos Órgãos”, ajuste as Habilidades para atrasar a cura.

  2. Necrosis works wonders to both infect and kill. The more people die the more get infected, but be careful. You can kill off your plague if you get greedy with the lethality.

  3. if the doctors is starting to make a cure it is not a very good idea to put diseases very fast because that will make the doctors work harder in developing the cure. Put diseases slowly so the doctors will likely not know. put drug resistant ability to slow the doctors work.

    • Well to an extent yes, I easily mastered spreading the plaque, But I reasoned that making people go crazy would be a good strategy: slow the cure while other lesser symptoms took their toll. Nope, it’s quite useless as an illness.

  4. All right, soooo… Thoses tips aren’t good for a variety of reason. You may actually have a chance to win a game, but it certainly won’t be fast, and it certainly won’t be efficient. Starting on an island is a bad idea. You will have very small contagion at first, and there is no certitude you will be able to get to all of them. Veteran players will tell you the best starting spots in 90% of cases are Saudi Arabia, India and China. None of them an island. Infectivity is the first important thing at the start of a game, and while some plagues types benefit from picking first in the transmission tree, others are better served by starting with symptoms to increase infectivity first in your starting location. While the fungus special ability is appreciable, it doesn’t stop the fungus for being by far the most difficult plague to play with and score with. The special ability of the fungus only mitigate its bad natural contagion. Each plague plays differently.
    Also, I’ve read people saying “infect everyone and lay low, then go lethal”. Again, no. That’s not how you do it, you need to infect fast, and start killing once you reach what I would call the mid-game, when your infectivity is high enough, to keep the ball rolling. Usually you will start killing moderately(with necrosis and dysentry in most cases), before going all out when all the countries are infected enough. This not only ensure you gain DNA by murdering people, but also make you finish in less time, granting more points.
    Severity is important. While it’s dangerous seeing you will get discovered sooner rather than later, and scientists will wok on a cure, severity is what determine the amount of DNA you get by infecting new countries. So, if you lay low, you will infect people, sure, but will gain far less DNA out of it, which will stall your progression a lot, and you may even feel starved in the DNA side.

    Plague inc rewards going hard and fast, not slow and cautious. Sure if you do that, you will lose games, but that’s just how it is really. No reward without risks.

    • Hmm, those countries to start with are probably good because they have countries with similar climates around them. Makes it easier to control evolution. For a beginner, I actually find it helpful to start on an island like UK or Japan, spending DNA on the most crucial transmissions for starting country. After a while, your disease quickly attacks the whole globe because they are countries with high air traffic. I started out using the resistance to all climates, but learning to perfect the island strategy I don’t even need to use it anymore after making it so deadly, of course being careful not to exceed lethality over infectivity.

  5. For me i found it is quickest too start in Siberia and it spreads quicker that way ALL CREDIT TOO JACKSEPTICEYE