Top 10 Games That Are Like Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

If you’re truly dying to play Flappy Bird, then you’re going to want to check out this list of similiar (and flat-out copycat) versions of this mobile gaming craze. Ever since the news of this game being deleted from mobile apps stores became public, mobile gaming fans have been been searching for a suitable replacement.

These top 10 games are what you’ll need to play if you want that Flappy Bird experience once again!



You get to take control of a nifty little superhero who’s death comes by way of crashing into huge crates. Your hero’s pretty heavy, which makes sense considering his pants are made of iron.

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Super Ball Juggling

Super Ball Juggling

Soccer heads can get a nice “kick” out of this Flappy Bird-inspired game. Your goal? Keep tapping on the screen and make sure your ball doesn’t hit the grass. Easy, right? Not really…

Red Bouncing Ball Spikes

Red Bouncing Ball Spikes

This mobile game features a pretty cool deviation from keeping your bird from landing face first into a pipe. All you have to do is keep a bouncing red ball from losing all of its air by tapping and keeping it away from those damned spikes.

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Clumsy Bird

Clumsy Bird

Does that red bird look familiar? It should, since its design is reminiscent of a certain “Angry Bird.” Playing this Flappy Bird clone with a instantly familiar bird from another mobile hit game should do wonders for you all.

Shuriken Block

Shuriken Block

From the maker of Flappy Bird comes this other “keep ’em alive” mobile app. Tap the screen, block those ninja stars and keep your onscreen fam alive. It’s tough, but it’s also worth playing for hours on end.

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