Wii U: The Most Common Console Problems & How to Fix Them



The Wii U Gamepad used to play games and control any movement on your television screen can sometimes encounter some confusing and frustrating issues that inhibit proper use of the device. There are a wide variety of issues with the Wii U gamepad that vary from simple fixes to requiring replacement. A few examples of typical gamepad issues are: not being able to be calibrated properly, losing connection when playing a game, the sensor not picking up your movements or a lagging sensor when taking it through movements, and a Gamepad microphone not recognizing voice commands.

For users having Wii U Gamepad problems, run through the following steps:

- When calibrating your Gamepad ensure that is located close to the console sensor and that it is lying on a flat surface.
– Go into settings and ensure that your Gamepad’s settings are supporting what you are attempting to do with your Gamepad. If you have a third-party Gamepad there is the potential for more issues with your device working properly, so ensure your settings are updated and reflect your needs.
– Make sure that there’s not too much distance between your Gamepad and your console sensor when you are playing your games.
– Ensure that between your Gamepad and your console there are no objects that could potentially be causing issues with the sensor picking up your Gamepad’s movements.
– Download any patches and updates for your Wii U by booting up your system, going into your system settings, and choosing the option to update your system.
– Contact Nintendo customer service.

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  1. I bought a wii u with someones user id but it got bloked and I cant make a new user id because it ask me for the parental code password and I dont know it it doesnt even let go to settings cause I need the password of the recent user and I dont know it…hope you guys could help me and thanks a lot for your comments


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