Wii U: The Most Common Console Problems & How to Fix Them

Internet Connection


Fixya users have reported difficulties accessing the Internet with their Wii U. Whether an internet connection be needed to download a system update, game update, play online, or stream online media, losing internet connection with your Wii U can pose some significant issues with your ability to use the console.

If you’re having issues connecting to the Internet with the Wii U, run through the following steps:

- Reset your Nintendo Wii U by turning off the console for two minutes, unplugging all of the cords associated with the device, and then plugging it back in.
– Unplug your modem and router; leave them off for one minute, and plug them back in. After waiting for the modem and router to reconnect to the Internet, boot up your Wii U and attempt to access the Internet.
– Move your modem and router closer to where you have your Wii U set up. Oftentimes moving your modem and router into the room where your Wii U is located not only allows for internet access but will also the improve the performance of your online needs.
– Turn off your router’s firewall to ensure that any online gaming or media consumption can proceed unblocked. Oftentimes a firewall on your router will kick you out of online games against other players.

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  1. I bought a wii u with someones user id but it got bloked and I cant make a new user id because it ask me for the parental code password and I dont know it it doesnt even let go to settings cause I need the password of the recent user and I dont know it…hope you guys could help me and thanks a lot for your comments


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