Star Wars: Force Collection: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. Support Your Allies and Get Shown Some Love in Response

Star Wars Force Collection

– Human allies will pop up in your game if you take a peek at the cards that they’ve just obtained at the bottom of the card packs page
– You can gain a collection of free ally points when you send some love on over to those allies
– Make sure you remember the live allies that you sent a congratulatory message to. You’ll eventually want to add them to your allies list for future aid in those much harder battles
– If they add you back, allies will help you with the powerful and rare cards that they have in their deck. That “Request Assistance” option will be your best friend (along with you allies, hopefully)

Head to the next page to get some tips on the best methods towards earning credits!

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  1. This game is pure pay2win so no need for a guide. Pay alot of money and u win against any supereffective tactic ^^

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  3. Padawans, I need your help…enter my Player rkgz51602 at the campaign banner at the bottom of the Home screen and receive 100 crystal. Thanks and have fun at Star Wars Collection.

  4. Player code: qpdr46056
    In the home screen at the bottom right, choose the share player code to enter.

    Join me allies – player ID: 638-184-626
    Join my legions: X-Wing team

    Together we are stronger