Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

‘Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff – Star Trek’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Venture into the galaxy with the newest batch of Star Trek content for Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. Here's all the tips and cheats you need to know.

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Family Guy The Quest for Stuff

Are you familiar with The Simpsons: Tapped Out? It’s a pretty well known mobile city simulator that gives mobile gamers the chance to build and maintain their own version of Springfield.

The Simpsons animated rivals come in the form of Family Guy, which means the competition between both comedy franchises leads to completing pieces of memorabilia. On he mobile games front, Family Guy threw its name into the hat as far as mobile city simulation video games are concerned – Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. There’s a lot to see, build and laugh at as you take the reigns of running your own version of Quahog.

There’s a lot to rebuild after the great battle between Peter and that damned giant chicken, so here’s the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats that will make your neighborhood freakin’ epic once again!

1. There’s Several Ways to Pick Up More Clams

Family Guy Quest for Stuff Tips

• Clams and coins make up the major currency items you’ll need in order to rebuild your quaint little town of Quahog. Coins are pretty easy to acquire, but clams are the harder of the two to come across on a regular basis.

• Clams can be claimed through several different methods: connecting the game to your Facebook account, inviting five of your Facebook buddies to play the game, finishing off character quests (premium quests gift you with more clams), spending real world cash, help finish off the building process in your friends’ Quahog’s and successfully finishing off any quests that are represented by a white present box with a red bow on it.

2. Unlock Every Character Through The Completion of Buildings

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff

• You’ll want to fill your city full of familiar Family Guy characters by completing the buildings needed to unlock them.

• We’re going to list some of the characters you’ll want to add to your Quahog, the buildings you need to finish to unlock them and what district you’ll be able to find them in.

• Peter Griffin: build The Griffin House (District 1)

• Mort Goldman: build Goldman’s Pharmacy (District 3)

• Herbert: build The Playground (District 4)

• Meg: build Quahog Oceanland (District 5)

• Brian: build Quahog Public Library (District 6)

3. Complete Your Unlocked Character’s Missions ASAP

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff

• Once you successfully complete the required building needed to unlock a particular character, each unlocked character will come with an exclamation point marking the fact that they have some new tasks for you to attend to.

• You should always make it a mission to complete these character specific tasks as soon as they become available. Finishing off missions gets you more coins, clams and more viable unlockables for your roster and town.

• Make sure you have a nice selection of characters on hand to take care of the tasks asked of you. The other characters you’ll unlock will be responsible for completing the tasks that other characters dole out.

4. Spend Your Clams Wisely

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Cheats

• Like we mentioned before, clams are pretty hard to come by on a regular basis. Sure, you can buy over 100 clams for a few real-world bucks. But you want to make sure you spend the clams in your possession wisely so you don’t run low on them and have to spend even more $$$ on them in the future.

• Spend your clams on the building process by purchasing a 2nd builder who can help complete another building at the same time as another one.

• You should also use your clams to buy a premium character’s building to unlock them. If you’re in a rush to see that premium character’s building get completed quicker, spend some clams in order to speed up the building process.

5. Make Your Characters Active By Having Them Repeatedly Complete Short Term Actions for Quick Coinage and Longer Term Actions When You Step Away From the Game

Family Guy Quest for Stuff posted up a few tips regarding the fastest way to collecting more coins – giving you character’s short term and long term mission to complete during different circumstances:

The fastest way to earn coins is by doing the short term actions over and over for your characters, such as having Peter surf the bird or Chris find a new friends (which take a minute apiece) over and over. It’s tedious but it works. However, when you’re going to sleep or taking a long break from the game, set all of your characters to have long term tasks, such as Peter dancing the Shipoopi.

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Head to the next page to learn about the connection between buildings, coin/experience payouts and much more game winning tips!

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  6. Ok, I’m fuming. TinyCo has pulled the bait and switch. I’ve remained somewhat silent and passive but cannot bite my tongue any longer. Here’s the tasks:

    Complete the following in 24 hours:
    1) Defeat Mecha Astley 4 times
    2) Have Greased Up Deaf Guy Touch All of the Candy (Requires Mort and Greased Up Deaf Guy)
    3) Do the PeterPalooza Encore Again
    4) Do 2 Dance Sideshows

    Here’s my problem:

    This is blatant money grab / pay-to-win tactic and NOT a challenge!

    1) 4 hr cool down timer that cannot be sped up times 3 times in between attacks = 12 hrs.
    2) Action required to hit Mecha Astley = 4 hrs for a single attack
    3) Even if the conditions were perfect and you started the quest with the mecha @ level 1, you’d still have to pay clams to speed up the final attack.

    Breakdown for Perfect Conditions:
    Timer: >0:00
    1) Attack Mecha Astley at Level 1 (2 hearts) – 4 hrs – Requires any 1 character. Before clearing the checkmark, trigger the event allowing the first hit to count at the beginning of the 24 hr period

    Timer: 4:00
    2) 2nd Attack on Mecha Astely at Level 2 (3 hearts) – 4 hrs – Requires any 2 characters or Wierd Al by himself (if purchased) – Followed by subsequent cooldown timer – 4 hrs

    Timer: 12:00
    3) 3rd Attack on Mecha Astley at Level 3 (10 hearts) – 8 hrs – Requires at least two hits regardless of the combination of characters (Peter – 2, Rick – 2, Tricia – 2, Wierd Al – 3) as all combined = 9 health – Followed by subsequent cooldown timer – 4 hrs

    Timer: 24:00
    4) Final Attack on Mecha Astley at Level 4 (16 hearts) – 8 hrs – Requires at least two hits regardless of the combination of characters (Peter – 2, Rick – 2, Tricia – 2, Wierd Al – 3) as all combined = 9 health

    Final Timer: 32:00

    As you can see, this is a pay-to-win scenario and no longer a challenge. So TinyCo’s definition of “True Fan” is one who pays to win? This is beyond upsetting to me as I successfully completed the first 2 without use of clams only to be faced with this scenario. On top of that, as some like myself, may have also triggered it when it popped with Mecha Astely at Level 5 (20 hearts), it is impossible to complete. Now with only 2 days remaining, the likelihood of completion even with clams is difficult. If you haven’t triggered it, you’d have to let Mecha Astley’s timer run out completely and go through the 4 hr cooldown timer in order to set the conditions. For some this could be as much as 28 hours with only 48 hours remaining in the event. I’ve sent this info out to support requesting that they change it; however, I don’t expect they will and will probably receive a pre-canned response after the event is over. Sigh. Just wanted everyone to know. Good luck.