Nintendo Direct on Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Super Smash Bros Wii U

Did you watch the latest Nintendo Direct? It was a joy to watch, but it was pretty hard to take in and remember all of the Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS-related news that came out of it. We sat through the entire live stream and had a blast taking notes on every bit of important information on this mega crossover fighting game. You’re welcome, Super Smash fans!

Here’s all the new details you need to know from the April 2014 Nintendo Direct!

1. The 3DS and Wii U Versions of the Game are Releasing at Two Different Intervals

Super Smash Bros Wii U 3DS

The 3DS version of the game will be released first sometime during the summer of 2014, while the Wii U version will arrive sometime in the winter of 2014. The 3DS version’s fighters will move at 60 frames per second in stereoscopic 3D and its assist trophies/items will move at 30 frames per second.

2. Each Version of The Game Will Feature the Same Characters, But Different Stages

Nintendo’s newly released press release on this Nintendo Direct/Super Smash Bros. presentation showed off a new gameplay mode that only 3DS owners can play:

Exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS version of the game is a new mode called “Smash Run.” In this mode, four players have five minutes to enter a dungeon and explore the surroundings, fight enemies and obtain power-ups to enhance their fighters. Once the five minutes are up, all four fighters enter a battle arena using their newly equipped items and power-ups. Enemies encountered in the Smash Run mode are from a wide range of game series. Multiple Nintendo 3DS systems and games are required for multiplayer modes.

WATCH: Nintendo Direct (04/08/2014) Live Stream

Here's the official Nintendo livestream for the April 8, 2014 Nintendo Direct!

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