WATCH: PAX East Boston 2014 Live Stream

Gamers and tech heads across the world will have their eyes set on Boston on April 11- April 13, 2014 as PAX East Boston 2014 takes over.

Several notable video games, developers and many of the popular personalities behind the world of interactive media will be on hand for several cool happenings at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC). Twitch is showcasing two separate live streams of the events that are transpiring from Friday through Sunday, which we just happen to have right here. Have fun all weekend and check out both live streams above and on the following page to get the best of PAX East Boston 2014!

Check out the main schedule below for all the events taking place in the Main Theater and hit up the next page for the activities/2nd live stream going down in the Albatross Theater for PAX East Boston 2014 (you can also hit up this LINK to check out the full floor events schedule for all three days):

Main Theater


1. 10:30am – Story time with Alex Rigopulos
2. 12:00pm – Rooster Teeth
3. 02:30pm – WildStar: $#!& Just Got Real
4. 05:00pm – NVIDIA. The Way It’s Meant to be Played
5. 08:30pm – Friday Night Concerts


1. 10:30am – Penny Arcade Make-a-Strip!
2. 02:00pm – Mass Effect Cast Cosplay Initiative: The Event
3. 04:30pm – Titanfall : Looking Back & Moving Forward
4. 08:30pm – Saturday Night Concerts


1. 10:30am – Inside Gearbox Software
2. 01:30pm – Acquisitions Incorporated Live D&D Game: Dragons Over Easy
3. 05:30pm – Omegathon: FINAL ROUND

Head to the next page to watch the Albatross Theater events at PAX East Boston 2014!

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