Dwarven Den: The Mining Puzzle Game: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know


Dwarven Den

• You should make it a priority to hook up with a guild or even create one as soon as possible. One guild we’ve seen online a bunch of times is “Backflip,” so make sure you link up with the community in that guild.

• Once you hook up with a guild or start your own one, you’ll pick some extra free gems as you complete any future missions. Note that the larger the guild population, the bigger the crystal payouts and rewards will be.

4. Adapt Your Playstyle to the Level’s Power Up Layout

Dwarven Den Tips

• Each stage that you’ll find yourself digging through will come with different manners of power-up’s that flood them. Some puzzle layouts will contain more energy refills, while some other stages will primarily feature more tech refills.

• If you find yourself mining through a stage that’s filled with more energy refills, you should do as much digging as possible and lessen your use of tech items. You’ll have enough energy to go around on stages such as this.

• As for the levels that contain more tech pick up’s, you should focus your digging efforts through the use of tech items such as bombs and mines. Bombs not only come in handy when you want to clear out several enemies, they also do a great job of clearing away any nearby rubble.

Head to the next page to figure out how to find your way through levels 15 and 21!

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