Top 10 PlayStation 4 Accessories

5. Turtle Beach Ear Force PX4 Wireless Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound PlayStation 4 Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach PS4

Turtle Beach’s line of gaming headsets are known for providing the finest sound quality known to most gamers. This PS4 exclsuive headset/microphone setup provides gamers with wireless game audio/online chat, Dolby Digital surround sound, interference-free Wi-Fi technology and Bluetooth compatibility with smartphones. Plus they look great and feel great. What more reasoning do you need to get a pair of these?

Buy it here.

4. Western Digital Bare Drives 1TB WD Blue SATA III 5400 RPM 8 MB Cache Bulk/OEM Notebook Hard Drive WD10JPVX

PS4 Accessories

Have you noticed that the games you stick inside your PS4 take up a crazy chunk of space on your PS4? We all know that the next generation of gaming comes with gamers having to get used to all their games having to be installed upon 1st use. Those 500GB will go fast as you obtain more and more games and downloadable apps. You can upgrade your PS4 hard drive at any point in time, so you should go ahead and invest in this one immediately.

Buy it here.

3. Sony Pulse Elite Edition Headset

PS4 Headsets

Sony’s 1st-party headset is incredibly sleek and really a treat to have as far as gaming headphones are concerned. What makes this headset stand out the most is its exclsuive BassImpact technology, which makes the bass audio greet your ears at a manageable volume. So those huge naval battles in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag will sound even more incredible than they did before you got this headset.

Buy it here.

2. Nyko Smart Clip

PS4 Accessories

If you downloaded the PlayStation App onto your smartphone device, chances are you may find your controller to smartphone hand gestures don’t come off so comfortably. This smartphone clip will make things way easier since it snaps your PS App powered smartphone right onto your DualShock 4. It looks pretty sweet, plus it comes in handy when you want to check for some game advice through the web.

Buy it here.

1. Nyko Charge Base

PS4 Charge Base

Nyko’s brand name goes hand in hand with great gaming accessories. This charging base is the perfect item for PS4 gamers who always need their extra DualShock 4 controllers ready for play. This awesome doo-dad can charge two controllers at once and the back-lit indicators will always let you know when your DualShock 4’s are fully charged. This PS4 charging base is a necessity!

Buy it here.

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