The Best Xbox 360 & Xbox One Apps

Xbox 360 Xbox One

June 2014 has finally arrived! This month is something Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners have definitely been looking forward to. Non-Xbox Live Gold members can now access all the awesome apps that are available for download on both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Here are the best game live streaming, music, movie streaming etc. apps that will make your consoles the main all-in-one entertainment box it should be.



For the movie buffs out there, Netflix is most definitely the way to go. There’s already a huge library of films that exist on this mega popular movie live streaming service, so subscribing to Netflix and watching it through your Xbox 360/Xbox One is the move to make. With the addition of exclusive shows that are running and planned for the future, Netflix’s stock has risen to incredible heights.

WWE Network

WWE Network

The WWE Network is a wrestling purist’s dream. When you take advantage of your subscription on the big screen through your Microsoft consoles, you’ll get to experience the massive library of wrestling that the WWE owns. Every PPV and more to come, exclusive shows like WWE Countdown and access to PPV’s for nothing but $10 a month is clearly a steal.



Video game live streaming has taken off in the past couple of years. That’s all thanks to the introduction of, an awesome website/app that allows gamers to watch other gamers…well, play video games. You’ll find yourself getting addicted to Twitch users as they play through games you’ve seen or have never seen for hours on end. As soon as the Xbox One Twitch feature is realized, this app will truly fulfill its potential.

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If you’re looking to access your premium HBO Go subscription on the big screen, it’s best to do it through your Xbox 360 or Xbox One. Now you’ll have the chance to do some binge watching as you get caught up on shows like Game of Thrones, The Wire, True Blood, Band of Brothers etc.



DUH, RIGHT? Why wouldn’t you NOT have access to YouTube on your Xbox 360/Xbox One? Signing in to your account through your chosen Microsoft console lets you check out your newly uploaded subscription videos, favorites and everything else that you love about good ol’ YouTube.

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