‘Bioshock: The Collection’ Golden Reel Locations

Bioshock: The Collection is the latest remaster to release on next-generation consoles and with it came some significant improvements. Along with new textures, lighting, and scenery Bioshock: The Collection also added 10 hidden collectibles that are scattered about the halls of Rapture. Obtaining these Golden Reels will unlock various director commentary focused around a certain theme or concept. These videos can last upwards of 15 minutes and offer a unique look into the production of this legendary FPS.

However, collecting these film reels can be difficult since they’re hidden throughout Bioshock’s various levels and aren’t highlighted in yellow like most key items. They will look like regular film reels, which can be frustrating because locating them in some of Bioshock’s more chaotic environments is quite difficult. It’s also important to note that once you pick up a reel it will offer you a prompt to watch the video, once it has done this the video will be available to view on your main menu. There are no Golden Reels for Bioshock 2 or Bioshock Infinite.

If you are looking to nab all of Bioshock: The Collection’s Golden Reels here are their locations:

Prologue – Welcome to Rapture:

This first reel can be found early on when you are first exploring the world of Rapture. Right after you visit the trashed New Year’s party you will come across a Little Sister stealing Adam from a dead body. She’ll be interrupted by a Splicer, who subsequently dies by the Big Daddy that was protecting her. Once this mini cutscene finishes, you will need to break open the lock and enter the room where the Little Sister and Big Daddy were. The first reel is located on the stage in the back of the room and is titled “Behind The Pitch.”

Medical Pavillion:

You won’t find this reel until you have killed Dr. Steinman and encountered your first Little Sister. After you either harvest or save her a big curtain will open up behind you revealing a Gather’s Garden vending machine. Next to the machine will be various boxes and a table, you will find the second Golden Reel titled “Making Rapture Real” amongst these items.

Neptune’s Bounty:

This is another reel that isn’t available until after you’ve beaten most of the level and defeated the boss lurking in the cold storage area. After killing Peaches head downstairs to the next room and you should see a Power to the People machine in front of you. Make sure you have Incinerate equipped so you can melt the snow in front of the freezer door otherwise you’ll be locked out. Once the door is open enter the freezer and you will find “The Deeper Shooter” reel resting on the bottom of a shelf.

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Farmer’s Market:

After you make your way to the Farmer’s Market you’ll eventually stumble upon a medium sized building called “Worley Winery.” Make your way down to the basement and you’ll find the Golden Reel titled “The Creative Process” next to some crates of beer. There is no Golden Reel for Arcadia, so don’t waste your time search for one upon your return.

Bioshock Fort Frolic

Fort Frolic:

In order to get this Golden Reel you will need to explore Sander Cohen’s theater located in Fort Frolic. After you progress through the level and capture all of his photos you’ll be able to reach the top floor of his theater. Once you make it inside head towards the projection booth and the Golden Reel titled “Community Theater” will be on the desk next to the large projector.


This is probably one of the easiest Golden Reels to obtain in all of Bioshock: The Collection. You’ll be tasked early on with putting together an Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb so you can breach through Ryan’s gate. After locating the bomb casing you can find this reel, “Reality Check,” right under the desk it’s on.

Rapture Central Control:

While this Golden Reel is actually out of order in the sequence they are filmed, you won’t have another chance to grab this one if you miss it. The reel called “A World of Themes” can be found in Andrew Ryan’s office on his desk. If you go through with the mission and miss it there will not be another chance since Ryan’s office locks you out when you leave. Make sure to grab this one as soon as the cutscene with Ryan finishes.

Bioshock Apollo Square

Apollo Square:

You’ll need to fight your way through Olympic Heights if you want to nab this Golden Reel. After entering Apollo Square, you can find this reel conveniently located on the couch in the bathysphere terminal. This reel is called “Rapture’s Denizens” due to it diving into the backstory and conception of characters like Sander Cohen and Dr. Steinman.

Point Prometheus:

Once you enter the Little Wonders Education Center you’ll come across a hallway full of rooms that were used to house Little Sisters. Enter Room 1 and you should find the Golden Reel called “Questions of Morality” on the bed in the back left corner.

Proving Grounds:

This is the last Golden Reel in Bioshock: The Collection and it’s located in the Special Exhibit Entry. You will eventually come across a U-Invent machine right outside Fontaine’s chambers on the right-hand side. There will be a reel lying next to it so make sure to nab it before you go and face the final boss of Bioshock.

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