‘Destiny: Rise of Iron’ – Every Iron Medallion Location

Rise of Iron Destiny


For those looking to complete the Gjallarhorn questline in Destiny: Rise of Iron you will need to complete a quest that tasks you with finding seven Iron Medallions. These are scattered throughout Felwinter Peak and the new zone called Plaguelands. There will be no real waypoint to show you where each of these items are and it’s only when you get within ten feet will they appear on your HUD.

The Iron Medallions are small metal wolf heads and appear as a white triangle when you get close. Here is where you can find each of the Iron Medallions in Destiny: Rise of Iron:

Felwinter Peak: When you spawn into the new social space you will see some rocks jutting out the side of the mountain. Climb up these rocks until you eventually come across the metal resting in some of the snow.

The Archon’s Keep: Deep in the Plaguelands (Where there is fire and lava rivers everywhere) look for the building that you saw explode in one of the early story missions. Hang a left once you enter through the main door and you will find this medallion among some debris.

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Lord’s Watch: This is another easy one to get as it is right near the spawn point when you load into the Plaguelands. When you enter the Plaguelands go right and you will stumble across a nearby small building and the medallion will be sitting on a shelf.

Giant’s Husk: In order to locate this medallion you will need to return to the place where you to free the Hive from the shipping containers. This will be above the second area you come across if you go right from the Plagueland’s spawn point.Once you’re there, climb onto the bridge and head down the dilapidated highway until it appears on your right.

Site 6: This medallion is the most out of the way of any other, but it’s fairly simple to locate once you’re in the area. Make your way to the Archon’s Forge and pass through the arena via the hole in the wall. Once you head in, hang a right when you enter the cave full of Fallen and pass through the vent shafts. Once you reach the Warren area head to the back left and you will find it.

Forgotten Pass: Head towards the massive bridge that’s at the beginning of the Wretched Eye strike and you should find it near the end by some crates.

Bunker Triglav: When you enter the Bunker Triglav area you should see a large building with a bunch of enemies hiding out inside of it. This will located in the left-hand room once you walk in via the Forgotten Pass route.

Once you collect all 7 medallions you will need to return to the Iron Temple so you can get the final mission “A Symbol of Honor.” Complete this rather difficult story level and you will earn yourself a shiny new Iron Gjallarhorn.

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    • This is as useful as saying THEY’RE in the game. Need more landmarks and directions for folks who don’t know the maps as well as you apparently do. It’s like responding to someone it’s over there while pointing vaguely when asked for directions to a store.