‘Destiny: Rise of Iron’ – How to Get the Iron Gjallarhorn Quest

Gjallarhorn is arguably the Destiny’s most famous weapon thanks to an extremely powerful ability to disperse “Wolfpack” rounds that track enemies. It was once required for by many teams in order to raid back in Destiny’s first year and has since gone dormant. Thankfully, Bungie has brought this rocket launcher back with the Rise of Iron expansion, however, the only way to earn it is by completing a series of quests.

In order to get the starting questline for Gjallarhorn you will need to progress through the story missions until you’re given a plethora of missions for patrolling the Plaguelands. The quest you are looking for is titled “Echoes from the Past” and will ask you to complete an Anomaly Scan near the Archon Forge.

Once you land in Plaguelands get on your sparrow and follow the main road until you reach the area with lava rivers and a sickly hue to it. Scan for the patrol icon of a closed diamond, accept it and follow the route through the Archon’s Forge. It’s important to note that you’ll need a Splicer Key to pass through a certain area, so make sure to hunt for yellow bar Hive Wizards. These enemies titled “Broodmothers” drop Splicer Keys upon death, which can be used to access other areas.

After scanning the anomaly you will be sent back to Lord Saladin at the Iron Temple where he will gift you with the actual Gjallarhorn questline. Follow through that and you will earn yourself a shiny new weapon with one hell of a legacy. You will have to complete this quest regardless if you pre-ordered the game as you cannot use your Iron Gjallarhorn unless you actually obtain a Year 3 version.

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