‘Destiny: Rise of Iron’ Opens to Downed and Bloated Servers

Destiny Rise of Iron
Destiny: Rise of IronĀ 
is probably the most anticipated expansion of the entire year and with its release this morning at 5 am the servers instantly crashed. This is to no one’s surprise, however, since this game was considered to bring tons of players back to this three-year-old game. For those logging on they may be greeted with either an error warning dubbed Tapir or being placed in a massive waiting queue.

Sadly, if you are given the error warning there is nothing you will be able to do until the game comes back online. This isn’t an error on your end, but developer Bungie having problems bringing the massive surge of players. However, if you are prompted to enter a queue for the game make sure you hit yes and then all you have to do is wait. The number initially may seem insanely high, as my own queue number starting out was 23,238, but this drops rapidly. It can take anywhere from a half hour to five minutes for you to enter the world of Destiny once more.

Also, do not fret about lag spikes as they are expected to happen throughout most of the day sinceĀ the servers are going to be under a ton of stress. If you are booted out simply try to enter Destiny once more and see if you are placed in a queue again. This first day is going to be rough, but it should smooth out in a few days. Make sure to check back with us for more Rise of Iron information as we constantly update you.

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