‘Destiny: Rise of Iron’ – When and What Time Does the Wrath of Machine Raid Go Live

With Destiny’s fourth expansion Rise of Iron now released upon the world, thousands of players have been fighting to contain the deadly nanotech known as SIVA. Even with10 mission campaign finished and tons of content already explored, the crown jewel has yet to be released. Wrath of the Machine is the fourth raid that’s coming to Destiny and it looks to offer a unique and memorable experience for Guardians of all skill levels. For those looking to play Wrath of the Machine as soon as possible, it will officially launch Friday, September 22 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time. If you want to know when it’s launching in your time zone make sure to check out this Time Zone Converter.

A new trailer has also released today that showcases some brand new footage of what players can expect with this new raid. While possible boss encounters and the probable finale have been kept closely under wraps, we can get a glimpse at some new locations. Starting off we get a better look at the “chase” section of the raid, in which players will need to fight their way to the end of the wall while being pursued by a massive death machine.

In fact, much of the raid seems very focused on momentum and always needing to be on the movie. We see multiple instances of Guardians traversing narrow, exploding corridors while fighting off Devil Splicers. Is it possible that the end of the raid will have us escaping from the facility while it’s exploding? It would certainly make for a memorable finish and allow it to stand out from the other raids.

We also at the 1:12 mark get a glimpse at would could be a possible boss room thanks to its rather eerie introduction as the players walk into the area. We still don’t know who the final enemy will be. but can guess it will either be a Kell or high ranking priest of the Devil Splicers or something completely made of SIVA. Given the Fallen still have no idea how powerful SIVA is, it could easily be manipulating them to fight for its cause. There’s also the possibility of us fighting one of the corrupted Iron Lords, though this might be more of a mini-boss. It would be an interesting challenge and could make the fights far more personal for the players involved.

Either way, we couldn’t be more excited to explore the Wrath of the Machine raid. Make sure to check out Bungie’s own Twitch account tomorrow as we;l as popular streams such as Gothalion and Professor Broman. Best of luck to everyone tomorrow and we will see you on the other side. Good luck Guardians.

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